R.I.P. Mrs Cubes

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Fellow Cafe members, please join me in passing on our heartfelt condolences to Cubes, following the sudden and tragic passing on his, and our, much loved Mrs Cubes.

Cubes we're all thinking of you, Tetrahedron and Dodecahedron at this terribly sad time. 

As Mrs Cubes now looks down on us from that great Kingswood in the sky, we will forever marvel at her unwavering support of you and your equine investments, her infectious presence on any raceday, a love of a generously poured G and T and her generous support of the tipping comp when we were all holed up feeling miserable about life in lockdown.  

And who could forget her on Cup Day when Our Premonition nosed through right on the line to win the Mohua Classic

As someone privileged to have raced a couple with you and your Mrs C, thank you for those memories and know that we're all thinking of you. 

Some things really suck, and this is one of them.



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Very sad news. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Mrs Cubes, she sounded like she was one of racing's many awesome characters. Thinking of family and friends today. May she fly high.


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