Black Kirrama

Randwick Competition FREE TO ENTER 18th April

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We need a scorer to run this.Last Saturday got so many Involved.


Same selection rules as last week In Ponderosa's great Comp/

I will put up $100. Feel free to donate to the pool.Imagine if  just 30   Race Cafer's pledged $20 each. ?

WInner takes 75%   second 15%  thIrd 10 %






















Linda Jones with Ryman Healthcare chief executive Gordon MacLeod at the opening of the new retirement village named after the former jockey.





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9 hours ago, scooby3051 said:

BK let everyone enter its all for a bit of fun but make any winnings 50% has to back into another comp next week???I think that's fair. Then won't limit the entries.

We’ve always been a fan of giving half back for future comps.I think it’s the best thing to do,as it keeps comps going and helps out sponsors.Good luck to all entrants.Good luck to last weeks winners with their bets today.

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1. Randwick R1 – 7,10,15
2. Randwick R2 – 7,11,12
3. Randwick R3 – 2,5,6
4. Randwick R4 – 2,6,8
5. Randwick R5 – 3,7,8
6. Randwick R6 – 8,9,12
7. Randwick R7 – 4,7,14
8. Caulfield R7 – 5,6,9
9. Randwick R8 – 2,4,10
10. Randwick R9 – 6,10,15

Thank you organisers

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