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With the current WHO ordered guidelines to lockdown New Zealand we have the golden opportunity to promote & keep up the interest of the Racing industry through the likes of Radio Trackside with archives full of great history of our Racing contributors across the years.

Why is Radio Trackside not playing these stories?

Come on folks, this is a Golden Opportunity to encourage and revive an interest in racing as people reflect on the goodness we have had in society.

Trackside TV must also take up these Golden Opportunities.

How hard is it for those with IT skills and knowledge of how to source these archives to get the ball rolling?

We all have the basic lawful rights to Quiet Enjoyment of life and that includes ensuring the BETTERMENT of all today and in future.

It's times like this to dig out all those good stories the likes of Phil Leishman and other great Racing people before and after him recorded for us. and share them among the wider community which includes those who are looking for something to partake in and listen to as there's only so many Updates & Spin about Covid19 people can tolerate and will take notice of.

Trackside should also allow the return of the public voice and opinion on radio by encouraging a talkback session or two - they would hear from people other than the usual ones as their are those at home who may not have previously had time to partake.

Meanwhile the world keeps ticking on.

It's the Racing Industries Golden Kiwi 0pportunity to keep up and revive all the people of New Zealand's interest in racing.

In the not to distant future when this disruption is been put behind us people will be looking to have their normality back in life and hopefully a new appreciation of what has always been there to enjoy in the great outdoors

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