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Good afternoon everyone!

I like to create, run and have my own type of competitions that keep me busying throughout the working week and weekend. The idea i'm thinking about is a weekly competition that begins with a certain race meeting on Saturday in New Zealand/Australia. The whole concept is pick a winner in each race of that meeting and get points based on it finishing in the top 4.


1 point (4th)

2 points (3rd)
3 points (2nd)

4 points (1st)


It would be a H2H league each week where you will be up against another member! Picks will be sent to me via private message/ or posted in this forum by a deadline time so there can be no changing and editing of posts. A weekly win will give you 2 points for the ladder, 1 point with a draw. I was thinking about running it over 6 weeks round robin then semis and finals for top 4. just to see how it goes and the feedback from it. If it is a hit - then we can look to continue it free or somehow have sponsorship prize for it.

I'm going to have 10 players for this test run. So if you're interested please let me know its first in first served If something like this has been done before please let me know.

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