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NZTR Submission on Racing Industry Bill

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7 hours ago, Midget said:

I see a live feed was streamed on Facebook.

I see our old mate Colin Wightman has had a live stream.Of the submissions i seen and heard, Dr Murray Blue made a big impression on behalf of the SRC.

Talking of Dr Murray Blue he would have been more chuffed if the submission was held tomorrow.Really a stalwart of retaining the Stratford Racing Club’s racecourse .    Finally got a win today after 113 starts since his last win  it would be a shame if they  sold the course from under him he would be gutted seeing he has got his mojo back as to how to train a winner.

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23 hours ago, dock leaf said:

This may have already been posted

NZTR Submission on Racing Industry Bill.pdf

Interesting read, albeit challenging due to the poor grammar and proofreading.

I see the industry's problems are largely down to the poorly run TAB and the old Racing Board. Oh, and the lack of income.

NZTR are far too modest to list all of the things within their power, or sphere of influence, that they have done to make the industry more efficient and relevant.

I was quite intrigued by the concept that "clubs continue to operate and race for the benefit of their local communities". I always thought the clubs major role was to find their place and fit into the overall structure of racing in NZ.

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