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Here’s a question for the TAB site developers, unless a race cafe member has the answer.

My mate in Aussie sends me a note that I should watch out for a horse which won well at Kembla on 7 January. How do I flag this as a “favourite” so I know when it’s running next?

Was simple on the old site.

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TAB don't work on old site anymore and its too hard on the new site

Asked several times and the best they can come up with is you get a text about 30 mins before the race

You also have to enter it into your favourites which have to have had a start so a first upper don't work at all


Anyway the other way is go to Arion Pedigrees and register (its free) they have race tracker which is brilliant

You get an email when the fields are announced then another one on raceday then another one after race to let you know how it got on

Its Brilliant and free

Too hard for the mob we got running our outfit



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Thanks Ab for replying, I'm actually quite happy with the email notification but there does appear to be some faulty logic in the limited ways to add new names.

Hoping one of the hierarchy might see this and do something about it!

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