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Telegraph - official time?

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3 hours ago, Eastwood Jaunty said:

Does anyone know the official time for the Telegraph?  I haven't seen it posted anywhere, which seems odd. 

Racing Post says 1.6.65. TAB says 1.7.75. Take your pick.

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The fall back option when no official time is the video time. Now as most people are aware videos are a composite of frames. So normally videos are 25 frames per second but that doesn't mean each frame represents 1/25th  as some frames are duplicates allowing the software to catch up. Nevertheless the video time is surprisingly accurate but nowhere as accurate as the official time.

Nevertheless if one is to distinguish between hand timed and electronic time then a third option must be clearly stated i.e. the video time. AS for each runners 200, 400, 600 times thats a further margin of error that needs to be stated.

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