First blood in the Ballarat.....

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Couldn't believe that Line Up paid 30-1 from that draw. I watched the race but didn't have a bet, didn't even really take note of the odds. I thought he'd been under 10-1. Well under. Oh well. 

The Cup race was a stunner. Old AG seems to be back to his best this last month after a year in the wilderness. Self Asuusred's run was enormous from that back draw, especially without getting a dead into the race, and Chase Auckland's run was even bigger after being all over the place. I couldn't believe how CA took ground of SA in the run home. All of the Aussie horses got better runs than the Purdon pair and still couldn't beat the Kiwis. 

The open class trotters put on a beauty too, but they'll be battling for the minors once the Kiwis arrive in town over the next few days. 

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Yeh Idol, loved Chases effort, think he'll give SelfAssured a run for his money if given the chance.....can't wait for our trotters to get there and start whackin too :rcfe-happy-2: we got a decent 'Team Kiwi' over there at the mo......


Cheers Iraklis

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