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Sorry, but he has to go.    The Aussies will monster him.     Who to replace him, well I haven't taken a lot of notice of the local stuff but as an opener we need someone with experience.    I know he's been found wanting in the long form, but Guptil has experience at least against the best - let him blaze a quick 30 or 40, that more than we getting at present, and his fielding not shabby anyway.

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Jeremy Coney said yesterday that Guptil is a "front foot player" and as such would not survive in Aus conditions against Cummins, Strark and Hazelwood.

The position is looking to be our achilles heel in regard to the series v Aus. They're pretty good at exploiting such weaknesses.At the very least, Ravel will be constantly reminded by Aus fielders about the need to review decisions.

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