Trials - Why?

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Eljay don't forget Puke is Auckland now :rcfe-money: but I take your point.....nothin like havin a practice on the track to be actually raced on, tiz bloody great for us local fans but; mighty AllStars are in da house an we get to see em up close an personal, the Inters are just around the corner tiz very excitin times, I can't wait  :rcfe-happy-2:


Cheers Iraklis

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I note there is one Aussie trialling at Puke tomorrow - wonder if under the ATC Policy (no one can use the track) they have been allowed to - or any other visitors.     Locals have been prohibited from working on this million dollar real estate which only utilised about 40 times a year for race meetings despite it having a team of workers to maintain it.    Although the Blues can train there whenever they wish.

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