say NUP to the cup protesters

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7 minutes ago, chelseacol said:

two of them outside Riccarton when I arrived Saturday (admittedly a bit before first race). Took more restraint than I thought it would not to roll the window down and have a word....

I've been a passenger myself attending Ellerslie when they were protesting at the front gates :rcf-angry-4:...however the driver took me through the Ellerslie back entrance for that reason! :rcf-laughing-2:

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4 hours ago, Baz (NZ) said:

If racing is ever in grave danger of these fake news fuckin green party voting hippie sheep rooters with no facts or intelligence!...then the whole world is fucked! :rcf-angry-4:

Absolute total numptees bar the switched on interviewer playing them like an old fiddle .

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