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1 hour ago, bestbets said:

No it's not working with me. 50 million wasn't enough

what part of it doesn't work for you?.

Probably need to look a smidge closer to home, like you own PC. There is nothing wrong with the results page.

I only this week had a mate whom told me he couldn't get the races to play video because the site was shit and his internet speed was too slow, went to his house, cleaned up all the crap off his laptop & did a speed test for all to be fine.

Video didn't play because he didn't play because he didn't have  flash player installed, simple fix and now works fine.

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I was having trouble too, opening up the 'punters lounge' etc.

I use it mostly from an S8 Samsumg smartphone.

I phoned the help desk there's been a change my system was no longer supported or words to that effect anyway the cure is to open TAB app using 'Chrome'. And if you dont know what that means, maybe someone can explain?  Cos I'm no expert myself.. 

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