Losers Get Laid - Week 5 entries

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sorry all in, missed houla 

Wanted to pick MB,  because there is something odd about the divvies, but couldn't take the hit (-50)   

and Dock forgat he been already docked ... :rcf-in-love:

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This doesn't show the potential for double and triple points, but should give you an indication of what everyone is on. 


345.6 L.J.Shannon Santa Ana Lane
330.43 Talk Te Akau Shark
284 Kloppite Probabeel
282.08 arjay Dreamforce
259.61 High Sparrow Brimham Rocks
250.98 CommonSensical Brimham Rocks
246.4 Ponderosa8 Te Akau Shark
233.18 rdytdy Rock
229.05 scooby2051 Mr Quickie
215.36 Stoyd Mr Quickie
212 Right first time Fidelia
209.97 Peter Jenkins Probabeel
209.77 Turny Tom Brimham Rocks
207.96 Davey1 Te Akau Shark
181.37 Koriokaramea Probabeel
173.57 Houlahan's Dream Santa Ana Lane
183.82 brycewaters Funstar
162.65 poundforpound Mr Quickie
161.76 Cyril Rioli Mr Quickie
147.35 Mikie  Probabeel
143.1 MiDeBo Racing Samadoubt
142.39 Memphis2 KOD Melody Belle
139.28 Tauhei Notts Mr Quickie
134.81 We're Doomed Finche
104.08 Archer Santa Ana Lane
101.8 insider Funstar

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