Mrs Cubes did not go to the Rangiora Trials yesterday

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She ( Mrs Cubes) was crook so did not go

The Cubemeister went but missed out on the cheese rolls  'cause they had sold out ...

Back story.....

Mrs Cubes bought a Zacinto filly about a year ago and this was the first time she had seen a racetrack

Jockey got off and he said "She win next time"

We are  not talking about Mrs Cubes now but rather the filly

Weather was great....

Good 2 this time of year ?......

Canterbury / South Island Racing alive and well...

As a side note Cubity often enjoys the trials as much as a raceday....why...?????






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On 9/25/2019 at 9:25 PM, poundforpound said:

I think David Bain and Mark Lundy enjoyed trials there something you want to tell us ?

A little aside but reminds me of the Irish lad who fronted up to the Pope when he was doing a mass blessing and healing session. The Pope asked "What is your problem my Son?" The lad said "Can ye help me wit my hearing, Father." The Pope laid his hands on his head, blessed him, uttered the usual magic words in Latin "Hoco Poco, chocolate and Cocoa," then stepped back and asked "How is your hearing now my Son?". The lad answered "I can't tell Father. It's not till next T'ursday."

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"Cause The Cubemeister knows 'Cafers are intereserted in this kinda stuff...

The filly is a Roan and  Cubes to be quite honest ( despite being a farmer) did not kow what that meant

But Wikipedia sorted the Cubinator out...

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