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I regret to advise that I am so ignorant that I do not know who Taylor Swift is.

But I have seen enough media comments to know that Taylor Swift is very much adored by young people.

So when she (it is a female, isn't it) says she won't appear at Flemington in early November that news has got a huge amount of coverage.

We must give serious consideration to Shaune Ritchie's comment that the whip be abolished in horse races.  Initially you will all say "how ridiculous".  But keep in mind that many of us are getting old and the future is with the young people, many of whom I think are deluded.  But those young people abhor the sight of gallant horses being whipped as their jockeys try to win.  It is important that the racing industry seeks to pander to young peoples', in my opinion, deluded minds.  In the wild state horses will bite the hind quarters of other horses to try and get them to keep up with the herd.  It is nature.  It is common sense.  But nowadays there is no room for common sense.  To move forward we must adjust ourselves to the world.

That is sad, but it is an indisputable fact. 

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Just like anything in life Nottsy if enough people get behind an idea all of a sudden you’ve got a bunch of fools denouncing allsorts, look at this man made global warming shambles, kids are out on Friday protesting something they know nothing about:rcf-sad-5:  why not do it Saturday ???? But in saying that they’re probably better off outside getting fresh air instead of being brainwashed some more by their teachers who have Secumb to mainstream media bullshit . Why don’t they teach things that  youth need to survive in the real world instead of things that will end up costing them their freedom in later life? 

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8 hours ago, pogo(aus) said:

News here that Meatloaf is to be the replacement act.

Zelda sayed thats left field n0?

like a bat out of hell......

Had a friend who got a pair of meatloaf undies, on the front it said I will do anything for love, and at the back, it had, but i wont do that.

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