Media bias or poor journalism?

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I am getting sick to death of the way our media (digital especially!) focus on the irrelevant, the "high rollers", and in most cases a combination of the two.

Last weekend we had the amazing feat of Tallyho Twinkletoe winning the big jumps race in Australia. A cut and paste job from an Aussie scribe is all we can manage. Instead we want to focus on a maiden winner from one of our top stables, some "expert-on-training" jockey who is off to do some shopping in Japan, another update on a riders delayed return to riding, and how another NZ trainer is shifting across the Tasman.

What about the real news or real stories? Tallyhoe Twinkletoe is owned by Dave McNab. The guy has been in the game longer than the three individuals mentioned above all put together! He has achieved at the highest level of the game, been a rider, a very prominent owner, and has probably influenced family members like Scotty and Sarah to be involved in racing to the extent they have. 

Why no story? Well you wont see him with his own ad on Trackside. Living on a farm up the Whanganui River isnt near Cambridge. And the once noble act of "keeping under the radar" is now seen as being ignorant or not trying to promote racing. 

Not interviewing our true contributors to the industry is not promoting racing. Having no knowledge of who they are is even worse.

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astute observations by you two gentlemen...

likewise, why di we have to see endless re-runs of Off The Track (Sylvia Kay, Evan Rayner, excellent as they are) ...we should be seeing NEW stuff about other achievers and contributors to the industry.. bloody painful witnessing the complete lack of imagination from the execs

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