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A group of veterinarians and scientists have urged Australian racing regulators to implement an immediate moratorium on prosecutions for alleged misuse of cobalt. In a recent communication to Australian Racing Board, Australian Harness Racing Board and Australian Greyhound Board, the group set out their concerns.
• The current test method employed to detect cobalt salts in urine is inappropriate and prone to “false positives” due to Vitamin B12 and urine concentration effects and could therefore result in convictions of innocent parties.
• It is clear that some trainers have incurred “positives” from cobalt exposure in feed and environment outside of their knowledge or control.
• The experts question the use of population studies on race day samples from horses with unknown exposure in feed supplements and the environment, to set a “threshold”.
• They believe there is confusion and misinformation regarding both the potency and potential toxicity of cobalt salts.
• A further request to regulators is that they provide financial and administrative support to a multi-disciplinary Committee of Inquiry whose charge is to find a consensus approach to future regulation of cobalt use in racing animals.
The signatories emphasise that they endorse the efforts of regulators to identify and punish those who seek to gain an advantage by unfair means – which includes use of performance-enhancing substances.
Ross Tinniswood Derek Major
Dr Andrew Clarke, Dr Derek Major,
Mr Ross Tinniswood,
0421 942484 0428 249119
rosstinniswood@bigpond.com derek.major@derekmajorconsulting.com.au
Mr David Dawson Mr Neale Scott, Mr Ross Wenzel

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I’m surprised the nutters on here haven’t commented on this latest press release.

I remember well all the ignorant conspirators ( yes the same crew wanking on.about blood spinning ) bleating on about cobalt cheats, on a grand scale, despite being told by certain individuals ( yes me, and others ) all along that the cobalt thing was just a witch hunt by the ignorant racing administrators and that the scientific reality was that all the cobalt positives were just due to VB12 being given too close to raceday.....I guess we’ve been proved correct again.....any chance the nutters will apologise any time soon.....




See the pattern ?.....all figments of the fertile imaginations of those who desperately want to find villains and cheating amongst the hard working racing community......amply supported by uneducated journalists and paranoid ex cops.....

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