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Whips to be Banned

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Whip rule changes to send shock waves to racing world wide

Posted by: Ric Chapman+ at 7:13am on 15/8/2019

In a landmark move that will send shock waves to EVERY horse racing jurisdiction on earth, The Jockey Club of the United States has been recommended to ban the use of whips – altogether.

And in a separate move, Woodbine in Canada will adopt a restriction in whip use for the purposes of urging down the home straight, starting in three weeks, also.

America has slipped off its perch as the leading racing nation on the planet, but is still a powerful voice given how large it is. And this new move to ban the use of whips down the home straight, unless absolutely needed to prevent an accident, will begin a change that will effect every other racing territory should it be implemented across the country.

There are howls of disdain coming from all corners of the racing spectrum in the United states, but a VERY large number of supporters too who recognise change in this area is not only inevitable, but NEEDED if racing is to survive the scrutiny of the general public.

If accepted, the phasing in period would start immediately.

Here is EXACTLY what the Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Safety Committee released while Australia slept on Wednesday night.

“The Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) Model Rules Committee amends, and all regulatory authorities immediately adopt, ARCI Rule 010-035, Article (E)(7) to eliminate the use of the riding crop for encouragement and include new penalty guidelines for breach of the rule. The riding crop shall be used only to avoid dangerous situations to horse and rider. Progressive penalty guidelines incorporate stewards’ review, fines, and suspensions for repeat offenders. Regulatory authorities should provide suitable time to educate stakeholders.”


Australian jocks, the end of whip use down the home straight in races …… is coming!


I was not aware that the US was  the " leading racing nation on the planet" You learn something new everyday



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Nothing will change..the usefulness of whips in a driving finish is a myth.....they’re useful as an educational aid or signaling device when held downwards but the idea that “pulling” the whip and then thrashing an animal in a finish is helpful is absurd....what species anywhere responds to cruel punishment in a positive manner ?, eventually they’ll resist or respond negatively, be it a dancing bear or an elephant ....no species ( even humans ) will react positively in the long term to physical abuse

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2 hours ago, ivanthegreat said:

Would be interesting to see a Great Northern S.Chase without whips.............. Rideitlikeyoustolit sounds about right.

Not sure how much more you get out of big steeplechaser with whip after 4 miles in soft . If it's given its all to run in and still in contention to that point the horse is gonna plod on just same hand and heels imho . . Only allowed 8 over fences in UK anyway now and jump racing never been so popular , no one wants horse belted 30 odd times do they ?

John Francome ex UK  Champ and legend of game says whip days of past, Brendon Powell hardest of hardmen of jumps circuit in same camp.They know their jump racing better than most so if they want it gone it's worth listening to.

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