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You might get a laugh out of this.

TAB NSW are running a raffle in which the 16? drawn numbers will each choose a runner with the result of the race to determine the winners.


So far so good, nice initiative, promotes the race, etc. so I go to buy a ticket one Sunday when down across the border at Ballina. You can only buy your $5 ticket from the TAB kiosk machine (they are in all NSW TAB’s and many pubs and clubs). So I put my $10 in the machine, locate the well obscured icon for the Kosciusko, work out how to request 2 x $5 tickets, then get the response along the lines of “fixed odds betting is not available at the moment”. So what I ask the TAB man has fixed odds got to do with buying a lottery ticket? Upturned palms, no idea, can’t help.

So on our way home we call in to Twin Towns pubtab in Coolie and try again. Yes! Tickets are purchased, one for me and one for my mate in Gold Coast.


Someone suggests it’s a good idea to register the ticket numbers online with the NSW TAB so that in the unlikely event we get lucky they will know how to contact us. Great idea, oh but when I try that I have to enter my address, and the small print says I have to be a NSW resident. Without a NSW address I can’t register, and it’s a condition of the raffle that the ticket holders have to live there.

What a rort! Hopefully my mate (who said he would have given up after the first attempt) has another mate who lives in NSW who can front for us if we get drawn out. Does anyone actually think these things through? Not even a warning on the kiosk screen.


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Yes you can, but its a pain in the a** to get verified.


Documents have to be witnessed/signed by a Notary Public.  I found most weren't interested, and when I did finally find one, you are paying $150+ just get verified.

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