Anyone miss The Informant ?

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1 hour ago, Stoyd said:

I still have not adapted to having no Informant. 

I estimate a 50% reduction in my betting since it ended. 

Tried the Best Bets but didn't like it for a number of reasons.

Guess I will just have to harden up and make the adjustment.

My betting and interest has dropped off big time. 

Unless we get something decent in print version I am almost finished. 

Previously I entered the competitions (and did OK too) but since the demise of The Informant I am not even involved in them. 

That says it all!

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Yes, I miss it, a lot.

I see the regurgitated info from across NZ and Australia and the world, but I could at least look forward to a betting and breeding perspective that was voiced and owned by the Informant. The TDN has improved of late and is doing a reasonable job in some areas but in terms of local interest there is nothing. 

Betting, I don’t bother locally,  other than my own or friends horses I won’t bother. Had a crack at Royal Ascot and made some and lost some, but not on the local betting platform as there was little information. In the Information Age, all we get from Allen and co has been how well they are doing. Perhaps they should follow Mr Treasury and leave before their shortcomings become obviously restricting in their job opportunities.

Bring back independent, well constructed and objective information about our industry........in print. It will be welcomed by many.


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To be fair, I thought the journalism in the Informant was a little biased in its Messara Report coverage toward the end. It became a cheerleader for the report without looking into possible pitfalls to track closures and outsourcing of the TAB etc. Just my observation ...

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