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I see in  a recent edition on NZ Listener Mandela was credited with the quote; I never lose , I win or learn.

I think it is a pretty safe bet he was not a punter.

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Interesting quote, applied to Rotorua yesterday by the time the last few races were run blind Freddie could see making Runs wide around the corner and in the straight was a no result, there were a few black book runs during the day but the bias was blatantly obvious.Do you point the finger at track staff( maybe harsh) or just put it down to the nature of the track ? And yes, I am particularly pointing out the Ride on O ‘ guy. Given what had transpired, and it wasn’t the first time Cameron Was an ‘awkward’ beginner on the day he would of been forgiven for trying to go forward earlier or ride for luck further in (  benefit of hindsight not a factor) I know it’s easy sitting in the grandstand and given his ride on him at Pukekohe ( :rcf-sad-3: ) which must of been in the back of his mind,but surely everyone paying attention knew what was required. I have a lot of time for his Riding and it goes to show we all are capable of brain explosions :rcfe-happy-2: Andoyas and sarabande were two of the better runs out there and 4 or 5 worth following if your paying attention.

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