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Here is the draw:

1.       Black Kirrama/RacingJimmy

2.       Orphanpete/Cabbage

3.       Mrzim/Gruff

4.       Scooby3051/Beecee

5.       Archer/Kloppite

6.       1PRESIDENTGARY/Mike28

7.       Peter R S/Sir Castleton

8.       Memphis2/drewandjo

9.       Ponderosa8/Thecaptain

10.   Pegasus 9/Jayar

11.   Al Feilding/Kundalini

12.   Rusty/Weasel57

13.   TurnyTom/Wrinkles

14.   Seddon/Stoyd

15.   Houlahan’s Dream/Floyd Pink

16.   Swoopa/Arjay

17.   Cubes/TARANTULA

18.   Basil brush/Jenlove

19.   Bazza54/Trump

20.   CommonSensical/Catalano

21.   Ohokaman/Warren

22.   Lynzim/Thepaw

23.   Plovdiv/Koriokaramea


I hope I haven't posted anyone twice.... if I have I guess you'll have a busy day  :rcf-happy-7:

If someone joins in late I'll partner up with them.

All the best to the pairings.. now you can start planning tactics .. ;)





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...Chestnut can take my place with the potential winner  "Racing Jimmy".... Scoobie.

I will frame a market for the Pairings and offer "odds." and comments by post time.

Some of those pairs are obvious  favourites. 

#9        Pondersossa is Group One WFA class  paired with The Captain. 

#15      Hualahens l Dream / Floyd Pink  both comp winners. Hopefully too many runs this season.

#5        Archer / Kloppite   . Top points winners.

#21     Ohakaman/ Warren.  They could start 3rd favourite on Saturday morning. A  Devious,  very astute and cunning match up

#7        Peter R/ Sir Castleton   Top pairing of wonderful RC people.

#3       Mr Zim  / Gruff            I  will contact Ladbrokes about their odds market for this event.They are likely to be favourites with  Betfair.

#1       Kirrama/ Racing Jimmy     What a  Frightning combination these two are. Can they be second guessed?


More later: Great competition idea: 

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Chestnut...hats off to you...I have a few messages from members saying this is a great concept and a great way for members to interact and get to know each other and others in the comp.....thanks for your brainchild and lets hope everyone interacts and gets to know their partner in crime for the weekend.. and as Chestnut says most of all have some fun...all the best to everyone playing...who knows Chestnut you just may have started something.....:rcf-happy-7:

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23 hours ago, Think Pink said:

I’ll have a crack thanks


23 hours ago, Chestnut said:

Alright :)   If we have someone else who posts then we will match you up and you're in :)  



Think Pink / High Sparrow   -   Pairing No. 24      :)      

See you both on Saturday - see the selections thread  :)


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