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Hey ho I'm back again, yey, wild cheerin much appreciated :rcfe-happy-2: bloody computers and their hard drives arrrrggghhhhh (fingers crossed firmly new techie got it sorted this time).....didn't think I was gunna get back online before the Jewels.....

Mick, serum is a healing product, and as it is of the horses own blood I guess you could say it has the ability to enhance the horses healing ability to allow it to perform at its best again....serum is of it's own blood! what advantage do you think any treated horse is gettin? other than healing its own affected parts, really, think about it....

Jack, still on about the same old thing I see, and, still jumpin at shadows ie delayin fatigue, increasin pain threshold, I don't believe the treatment is used to mask or delay anythin, healin and maskin are two differin things, .....corse you'd say it was theatrics, but!!! those theatrics Jack were undertaken in full view of the greater Harness Racin public (viewed not only here in NZ) on an official TAB channel, with RIU official and professionals (Vets) think about it.....again, to you and mick it is legal! and available to all!!!! you too can use it! so, again whats your real problem???

WhatAP, given what you have asked in your post re links to AllStars and the dissmissive of haters and jealousies of some, kinda think you answered your own questions and now even you can see why.....not sure it would matter to some, but it could just as well be any stable who stands head and shoulders above the rest, straight away thoughts are, oh they gotta be usin summit, I know ACS that's it theyre cheatin, it's performance enchancing' and even after a programme airs in the hopes of clarifyin any of these matters, ironin out the bugs so to speak, there are still those that come in pushin the thinly veiled 'cheaters' theme.....

All I'm sayin if there is proof of any wrong doin, that the 'serum itself' is now somehow the performance enhancin baddie etc etc some still think it is, then lets see it! come on Jack, you and Mick show us how! and, show us what you got! other than surmise and assumption, and big big dose of jealousnessosis......

Hey Lee damned if you do, damned if yuh don't, oiy vey.....


Cheers Iraklis



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