Chris Wood

Name for my horse please.

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While I would l have thought having to explain the names probably meant they weren't really suitable, I've been swung by Hedley's Bjorn based entries.  Though I'm not sure if he's a tennis or an Abba fan.  Anyway... 

Entre Nous ("Between us" in one of Switzerland's languages) 

I'm Fondue (Just Between you and me, mashed up with the finest Swiss cuisine).

Cuckoo (as in, erm, clock, Switzerland's outstanding contribution to world culture).

Alpine Racer (you'll get the idea)


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Mrs Cubes thinks Alpine Sun

Cause it is usually a child or pet between things in the double grunter these days and she thought wasn't there a good one in Convictland recently that ended with Sun ?

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On 4/24/2019 at 12:01 PM, TurnipOrange said:

Bjorn is swedish not swiss ;)

Think of the names we would get if the sire was named after Bjorn Borg.

It's a squash in here

Keep the door shut

Wam Bam thank ya 'mam

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