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Name for my horse please.

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On 4/24/2019 at 7:50 AM, Chris Wood said:

I have a 3yo gelding that requires a name.

Thought I would put this out there and whatever name I decide is the best, the person can have a 5% share at no cost, no fees etc.

He is trialing on Friday at TeTeko.

He is by Swiss Ace out of Between You And Me.

I look forward to seeing what comes out of this.

Thanasi or Kokkinakis (if Thanasi is already taken) or Kokk (Thanasi’s nickname) which I actually think is the most appropriate as it was Kokk’s cock that got in between Stan and Nick.

Kyrgios sledged Wawrinka (a tennis Swiss Ace) during a match once saying “Thanasi banged your girlfriend” hence Thanasi being between Kyrgios & Wawrinka (Between You and Me).

Good luck with the trial tomorrow Chris.


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So many possibilities.......and what an offer. Wow.  Thank you Chris. It's got the brain working on a public holiday, no mean feat let me tell you. 

Whispering Ace

Paris to Milan (Switzerland is closer to half way between Paris and Rome really, but Paris and Milan sound more high-fashion and important than Paris and Rome, but "Paris to Rome" could be an alternative)

Private Investigations 

Boy From Bad Ragaz

Zurich Zecrets

Swiss Deli or Swiss Delight

The Whispering Fed

Federal Shutdown

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

Rumour Has It

Covert Affair

Covert Assassin





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Double Fault

Would We Reign

Would We Win

Our Advantage

Power Double


Court Contest

Court Conquest

Great Return

Dream Team

Grand Slammer

Return To Server

Ace  King Two

Double Vault

Matchplay King

Power Set

Power Play

Rally Supreme

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Today’s trial was a little bit disappointing.

I will tinker with his gear, and won’t name him until I am confident he can do something when he steps out.

The offer I put up still stands and I will sort through the names and let you know the name I choose.

I will also keep you updated as to his progress, and the gear amendments.

Have a great weekend!

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