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Has the Cadet scheme faded from existence?      A prominent stable has advertised for a Junior (or prospective Junior) to join the ranks.    In days past, and not too past, such a position would have been snapped up from among the ranks of the cadets without the need to advertise.    Surely this position would be the cream for young prospective horsemen (or women)

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1 hour ago, tim vince said:

I think we need an industry funded full time  course.amateur courses helped with  basics but say a month would be great.not cadets but have people ready to step in a stable running.trainers are busy.

Amateur courses are okay but down here (Chch) you have to get the drives to progress.  Got stuck myself on novice drives at the workouts before they stopped running them before I completed the requirement of ten drives to progress to full status and moving on the advanced and was told the only way to progress was to take out trial licence to get to graduation status. If we have to do it that way why give up graduation to do amateur driving

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