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I was thinking this morning JB that Australia are in trouble with making fields , there are many 4, 5 and six dog fields even at some of the bigger tracks. All the predictions are it is going to get worse. They have even shifted the boxes at one track to create a 259m sprint to try and fill the card.

    It is not hard to imagine the supply of anything other than nonnies being shipped over here . With the imports replacing the locally bred in NZ that would leave us in shit street with our own numbers. The NZ system is fraught with risk.

Until we have a system that will be sustainable as a stand alone industry we are at huge risk.


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Animal welfare should step in including the SPCA and not allow that dog in race 1 today to be allowed near a race track in the future, it was a blatant attack, it was lucky the 2 dog was not dead. The NZGRA wont let trainers use squeakers  in toys for training, the industry is creating more non cheating chasers, you will see more of race 1 today in the future. And the cheating imports wont help the situation

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