Another true story (this one is verified)........ :)

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After the epic thread today I thought I’d lighten the mood up a bit and tell you of a personal experience I had many years ago when I used to live in Auckland.

My best friend Andrew and I were in Queen Street when we came across the Navy with these free Sky City passes. Sky City had just been built and it was the official opening that night for VIPs only. Andrew and I were given a Sky City lanyard each from a couple of the Navy boys and we went back to his house to get changed as it was a formal event (black tie unbeknown to us). Andrew put his suit on and I borrowed a suit off his father then we trundled back into the city with our Sky City lanyards feeling very excited that we were going to sneak into this event uninvited. Anyway we both took the escalator up to the official entrance and to our dismay we were told that the passes were not valid for the main VIP event that night (the casino was not due to open up to the public until the next day) and we were sent away packing back down the escalators. Feeling very dejected we were walking out back onto the street when we came across the band who would be playing there that night. Anyway we got talking and one of the band members said he would come down the lift to the basement in the carpark and meet us down there to let us in. It was a long shot and anyway we went down to the basement waiting outside the lift not having much hope we would see the band member who had walked in the main entrance up the escalators with his band. Several minutes passed and we were feeling pretty flat staring at the motionless lift then all of a suddden the doors opened and the band member we met outside said jump in! We couldn’t believe it! The excitement returned and we both looked at each other feeling like we had won lotto. The doors opened and EVERYONE was wearing black tie formalwear except us who had our suits and ties on. Ha ha. EVERYONE was a celebrity there EXCEPT US ha ha but we didn’t care. I headed to the bathroom to take a piss and I had the current All Black captain at the time Sean Fitzpatrick on one side of me and double Olympic gold medalist Danyon Loader on the other and they were both thinking he is this person!! Ha ha. I then headed out onto the gaming floor and had a brief chat with the Education minister at the time Lockwood Smith before moving on to Paul Holmes. It was crazy! Andrew and I then spent the rest of the night playing blackjack with Russell, Martin and Jeff Crowe all giving us strange looks in our ties thinking who are these boys! Ha ha. One of the best days of my life and one I’ll never forget. B)

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Just now, Baz (NZ) said:

True Story...almost.

Really?....Janet Fishy told me you went with the Navy boys onto the HMS Rainbow Warrior and played Rodger the Cabin boy on the bottom deck? :rcf-thinking-1::rcf-laughing-2:

 Now you’re just being a dickhead Baz :P

I’m actually happily married to my beautiful wife and we just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. :)

P.S. Being a dickhead is not funny or cool as you are insinuating by your post that you’re a homophobe or that you have a problem with homosexuals which is not cool. 

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I was at a bar  last night ... the table next to us was a group of blokes in their 60's.  Obviously their regular catch up - lots of laughs etc.

Then one of them says loudly to his mate "You are the biggest name dropper I ever met" to which they all roared with laughter....

Were you in ChCh last night Chris ?:rcf-laughing-1:

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