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Watched a netflix doco called NOW MORE THAN EVER

                                                      The History of Chicago.

Didn't realise that they were caught up in the drug scene so much,but then it became pretty obvious to me when they started touring with Janis Joplin and co.

Caribou Ranch their ""recording studio",virtually a location to explore drugs and woman.;

Ripped off by their record producer who owned 51% of their publishing rights,he also owned Caribou Ranch

.In concerts on stage they had a telephone box called the SNORTATORIUM ,where members of the band sorted whatever they like during the show.

Their biggest sellers,apart from Cetera,nobody liked them.

Cetera didn't want the horns.

Still got 28 minutes to view so obviously Cetera leaves.

Pretty good viewing but i gotta say some of their music wasn't that good.

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5 hours ago, Uriah Heap said:

"If you leave me now Crusty, you'll take away the biggest part of me.

Woahoooh no baby please don't go..."

Best song of Chicago's by a country mile but only put on album because they had run out of songs.Band members didn't like it.Won a Grammy.

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