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A simple comp with two twists

Usual rules, no nillers, no correspondence, scored by Insider, her decision is final.

Betting across three races, pick one horse to place in each race, highest combined ( added ) place dividends plus two twists wins a $100 multi from me, to be used Saturday 23rd at Tauranga 

If two entries dead heat it's first up best dressed

Diamond R7

Bonecrusher R8

Auckland Cup R9

State race then horse, eg 8 Consensus 

Scratchings, bad luck

The two twists, ( results taken from official web sites TAB & NZTR )

1) who'll be last home out of Danzdanzdance and Melody Belle, if you're correct you double your points 

2) who'll be leading jockey on the day, if you get it right you double your total points again (if your jockey dead heats for leading jockey you'll get plus 50%)


Thus your entry should look like this... 5 legs...and if it doesn't you'll be disqualified ( I'm entering so this is a live entry ) 

7 Aotea Lad

8 Consensus

9 Charles Road


Opie Bosson 


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(1)   Yourdeel

(9)   Melody  Belle

(2)   Vengeur  Masque



Opie Bosson.   I like Opie as a Jockey  :).


Good luck with your own Horse.  I hope in all aspect's you all have a thrilling day's Racing at Ellerslie.


Thank you.

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7: Aalaalune.                                           8: Danzdanzdance.                                 9: Gundown.                                             Melody Belle.                                           Matt Cameron

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