Trackside Radio Ongoing Off Air issues

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Trackside Radio has got ongoing technical issues that is causing it to be off air during Racing NZ hours.

Why the heck are the "technicians" experts not working in fixing it during overnight hours instead of during "normal NZ horse racing hours?


just another fudge up thanks to the powers in control.

And detrimental to the betterment of racing.

Is this what we get for the overpaid Grass Valley contract ?

Enough is enough.


who are these "expert technicians", how much are they been paid by Racing folk?

Where's the accountability?

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Probably been asked and answered a hundred times but havnt been on for a while.can anyone tell me why I can no longer get radio trackside on the internet.Since the new tab format arrived I havnt been able to listen on my laptop.Also cant see races on laptop although can on my other computer but can no longer get radio trackside.

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Who are these people who can't seem to get there act together who work in IT that once more Radio Trackside is off air this morning?

well done Glenn Patrick & his Grass Valley legacy.

Bring back the good old fashioned Wireless transmission networks we could all listen to & pick up.


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Commiserations to all you Auckland and other folk who can't get Trackside Radio once again due to ongoing unfinished maintenance issues that were set down to finish at 5pm yesterday - heard that line before today.

Where are these people's brains and consideration for those within the Horse Racing community who want to have some enjoyment in life, and partake in WhangareI & Hastings local meetings when for whatever reason they are unable to either leave their own home or have access to Trackside TV?

The disruption this ongoing work has done to Horse Racing on top of all the other disruptive carry on the industry is suffering from is beyond belief.

It will be interesting to see how this has impacted on turnover for the day and those who may like to have a flutter or unable to attend somewhere to watch the races.

For goodness sake working on such jobs on a SATURDAY during the peak coverage of OUR LOCAL racing is completely arrogant.

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