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'Bugs' still present on TAB website and we're nearly in March

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15 hours ago, redrew2000 said:

when i click on the extended form link all i get is a blank page. But it works ok on my phone


same here...that's my first "go to" page when making picking my bets for the day... Still find it too frustrating going in directly from the initial page, then click untold times to find the various pieces of info I like looking at.

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It's far from optimal but the issue with the extended form looks like it's a browser compatibility issue.  On your desktop, if you try a browser like Chrome it should work - I assume you're using a Microsoft browser?  It also explains why it works on your phone.

At one stage, the countdown timer was displaying differently for different browsers so it looks like there's more than one issue with browser compatibility.

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My emailed complaints and calls to

0800 Disaster TAB for the last 10  weeks have changed nothing.

The font:

5 looks like 6::   

Jockeys Challenge:

In Race fields:

Previously  click on Riders and we would get all his/her rides at a meeting. Not now.

Previously click on Trainers and get all their runners .Not now.


There are 2 tracks at Sandown. Lake side and Hillside.Totally different athletes for each course.Image

Yet our Tab site on a Wednesday does NOT say which course the massive quaddie is raced on.

Same with HK. Yes we know H V is raced mid week .Some races turf some on the pink stuff.

Put up a track and direction for NZ Punters.

On every Racing meeting !

One click should reveal stats for

Barrier draws/Jockeys / Trainers /owners

( solution ) Just  copy the HK website for information. 


The Dam sires are not noted in The Form Line

. How disrespectful is that  !!

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Great news , I  now have extended form where its supposed to be , that's a good improvement , critical for me , without it I'm not interested .

Lets hope the sports betting side if things booms and funds racing . I have a friend who hates racing , he would never spend money on it  but is big on international sporting events , he's signed up with the tab , it seems there is a whole new group of people out there who will have a punt on sports that they enjoy  , let's see where we are in 12 months time .

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