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If anyone is planning to visit Auckland for the Karaka Sales or Ellerslie Races and may be looking for a good restaurant to visit, I have a suggestion for you. Visit HQ Bar and Restaurant down at The Viaduct. Situated right on the waterfront, I had the opportunity to go there last Friday. I have never seen so many people in the one establishment having such a great time. This place rocks! The food is “excellent”, the service is first class and people of all age groups were really having a great time. What was pleasing for us was that the food was not what I call “bullshit food”. It was good fresh produce, cooked and delivered perfectly. Our mains were the Fish of the day (Hapuka) and even with a packed restaurant, it was delivered perfectly cooked, moist and fresh as. Don’t start me on the dessert. The missus and I argued over who should have the last bit - she won (of course). Now for the best part. If you order some drinks before the sun goes down (about 8.45pm), they are at a hugely reduced price - ridiculous price actually. How they make a $ I’m not sure. So if you’re in Auckland and want a top place to eat, HQ is your go to restaurant. By the way, the pizza’s looked sensational too! Go there - but book or you might not get a table or will have to wait a while. 

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Totally agree....and I can confirm it’s booked out with racing / breeding folk tonight, as it will be for the next ten days 

I see one of the nillers described it as “nouvelle cuisine”, niller, modern French in the lighter style it ain’t, it’s actually honest and rustic NZ food, using the best produce and allowing the food to express itself and do the talking, without any trendy bullshit like pretentious flowers or molecular foam ......and certainly no “road kill” dressed up as “Asian fusion”.

Thanks for your support guys, and thanks for confirming that we are the best, number one, and there is no number two 

Now bring on The America’s Cup 


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Excellent!  I'll be at Ellerslie for the Karaka Million and onto the Karaka Sales Sunday.

However...If like last year?  I'll be in no fit state to be eating luxury cuisine Saturday night.:rcf-monkey:

I've never left a racing meeting at 2am before in my life! :rcf-poo::rcf-laughing-2:

Was an awesome event up until 10am Sunday Morning! :rcf-sick-2:

If Leo can arrange a steak (for one fussy trainer in particular) before Lunchtime...I could persuade our team of 5-10 to dine for Brunch! :rcf-cool:

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