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On 1/25/2019 at 2:09 PM, Breeder said:

Berri will be pleased. He had a post a few weeks ago about how studs need to embrace the digital age/technology ( he was mainly referring to photographs/videos ) but Cambridge Stud has embraced it with information in general with their Horse Passport section on their site

  Well done Cambridge Stud !!  

Yes, Berrie's comments on Digital promotions   of Thoroughbreds are so true. Particularly The NZB yearlings this year. They are are joke .

Not taken from the eye of a horseman.

35 years ago buyers demanded front on, rear shots and side on.

Even at The Ready to Run Sales and Horses in Training Sales  ( Dalgetys) buyers wanted slow mo Head on walking on Grass!

Berrie may remember that Paul M sold and purchased many many thoroughbreds through my Video Medium !

(As did most NZ bloodstock agents and international Buyers).

Have a look and compare the individual digital coverage of what we have on The NZ B site with The GC Magic Millions sale  20 days ago !

A consistent format promotion of each Lot is vital, don't you think? But give us some character shots as well. Flick in the paddock shots. 

Digital images and expert equine vision through the lens is essential to selling our Thoroughbred product globally .

The agents may be on site. Most potential syndicate share holders  wont be  at the sales venue.


Link the Yearling's daily routine to social Media, via the Sales Company website.Give them a personality not just a " hip Number ".

Show pictures of the hopeful breeder, the Grooms, Trainers who would suit  your equine athlete.Appeal to the ego of some of our NZ Racing people.

The Lindsay's did a little bit different this year with their Passports idea.The others sat on their laurels or lack of them.



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The videos on the NZB site are made by the studs, I presume. Obviously the same production company is involved in most ( except perhaps Waikato , Cambridge and Valachi this year) but you would think the stud has some say in how the horse is paraded and shown. Even if they are restricted by the time allowed for the video, they could do the shots you and Berri refer to.

Hopefully the Cambridge initiative will encourage others do more next year , even if the extra shots are only included in their "Passport" .

If I was making up a "Passport" I would include images of the dam and the stallion to show where the yearling is "getting its type" from.( Images of the dam as a racehorse might be better)

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The summary for Book 1 shows it was a disappointing sale compared to last year's record sale.

I think the initiative taken last year to expand Book 1 was the right one but maybe it went a little too far. Perhaps having a few more on the Sunday (say 150) and then just two days following, instead of three days, could be better.  

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28 minutes ago, Tauhei Notts said:

Ilooked at the first 61 lots sold today and calculated the median for that part of the sale as $27,500.  Does anybody know how that compares with Book 2 for 2018?

In 2018 the median after 69 lots of Book 2 had gone through was 40k

Overall figures for 2018 Book 2:

Gross:  $11,543,000     Average: $46,544     Median:  $40,000    

Catalogued:  378     Sold:  248     Clearance: 74%

Top Price: $200,000 for Lot 885: CH C Per Incanto x Lago Rider

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