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From reading the recent edition , Informant's bloodstock article - Winx and Enable not the only Queens of the Turf, I took with some amusement and  quote "I am well aware that some of the most respected pedigree experts maintain that such quality females are constructed pedigree-wise in particular fashions. I have always struggled to subscribe to these ideas, although I hasten to add that they may well be correct. Anyone who could care to enlighten me please do"

Not the expert....more pedigree aficionado (even junkie, will do thanks) where most 'ideas' are yes indeed, the evaluation of what appears on paper. Well...it is the nature of independent research.

With everybody & each to their own 'expertize' - these pedigree interpretation(s), 'ideas' - are our attempts to convey any/every interesting bit, morsel, of the pedigree jig-saw puzzle, just as the writers article has and as does the other enlightening Informant article Temperament an undefined but important part of the thoroughbred make-up.

After New Year I blogged https://thethoroughbredlink.com/2019/01/07/the-super-nova-of-fillies-mares/

You have to agree...the devil-in-detail of pedigrees is always surprising....and it is how the devil is applied through innovative breeding which capitalizes on essential or unavoidable traits within the individuals pedigree. How do you really think you are going to achieve, 'construct' pedigree-wise (as the writer puts it) any superior performer without these. Please tell.....

By putting the lens on the pedigree not from the obvious, conservative approach but towards what is not obvious - it all goes a lot further and a long way more interesting because that is the very nature of genetics, albeit inconclusive.

I cannot take any credibility for this expert and her article https://www.sport-horse-breeder.com/stamina-gene.html however yours truly here, was humbly credited through such 'ideas'.

 ALL useful information & research is to 'act', inspire or enlighten the public: they are not 'opinions' or, 'ideas' but at least they may be innovative to the new breeder and to an industry crying out for new blood.




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