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Usual rules, three legged multi at F/O, prize is whatever your multi is, use it at HQ by the end of the upcoming sales series, and it’s not transferable


1) Trentham stakes race 6 at Welly.

2) Levin Classic Race 7 at Welly

3) how far will Miss Federer get beaten by in race 4 at Ellerslie tomorrow / Sunday 


Use the following format or you’ll be ruled ineligible.

R6 Consensus

R7 Madison County

Miss Federer 22.5 lengths

 (any calculated guess within 2 lengths of how far this spastic gets lapped by is a winner and is multied at the margin you predict )


My multi is thus 3.8 x 2.1 x 22.5  so I’d get an HQ voucher for whatever that is, say $175 


Leggy or Insider will score this.

No correspondence will be entered in to.

My decision is final.

No nillers from the oxidation pond thanks 

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8 minutes ago, Catalano said:

R6   Consensus

R7   Madison County

 Miss Federer :  ---   2 lengths


so if Miss Federer actually wins, there’s no payout?

It’ll be worth zero so whatever you’ve picked in the first two will be your result, that said the way I see it it has zero chance and shouldn’t be in the race so it won’t be winning anything 

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