NYD quickie Comp at Ellerslie

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Simple comp just for a laugh.

The prize is whatever you earn by way of a 3 leg $1 win multi tomorrow at Ellerslie

The races are 7, 8 & 9

You pick one in each race, in the race order

You write the number of the race, then the name of the horse

If you get three from three multi up I’ll give you a credit to that fixed odds starting price value ( of the multi) at the awesome HQ Viaduct, but it must be used before  the end of this coming yearling sales series, and it has to be used in one single session.

Prize is not transferable either.

If two persons select the same winning multi I’ll divide the prize by 2, if three select it I’ll divide it by 3 and so on ....in other words you share with fellow winners 

Last rule....no nillers, if you’re a niller from the oxidation pond, and you’re bowling around the wicket like those losers I don’t want you near my flash joint.

Now, for the brain dead, here’s how your entry must look, otherwise you’ll be disqualified ( I mean it, I’ve got to score this so do it my way or you’re ineligible )


R7. Consensus

R8. Mongolian Marshal

R9. Stratocaster 


Good luck, my multi is worth about $1225 and that’s a big day out at HQ !!!

Last thing, I’m the sole judge, & no correspondence will be entered into 

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R7. The Mitigator
R8. Mongolian Marshal
R9. Livin' On A Prayer

Thanks Leo....Win Lose or Draw may make it to HQ around Karaka time all going well!


Edited by Baz (NZ)
Fuck nearly got disqualified!

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