Christmas eve waikato meeting

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Can anyone up in jaffa land pass on the info as too why this meeting has been changed too a single meeting instead of the usual 20 race program?? 

seems an 'extraordinary" decision too change such a successful day for the greyhound code???

what would of happened if they had 2 heats also for the nzrs 747m heats?? 

head scratching and very much confused at this end......... 

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From what I'm told and despite the club's protests when race dates were granted, more than 12 months ago, it was out of their hands. It all comes down to the Racing Board and TAB only granting two licences in the North per day and being able to supply Trackside vans and staff to cover these meetings and allowing them sufficient time to make it to subsequent meetings on the next day etc. I suppose it's only fair that they get Xmas Day off and not have to travel that day. 

Cambridge were only given one meeting licence but were ensured that they would be allowed to run as many races as necessary in order to cater for all the scheduled heats. Had there been enough dogs for two heats of the NZRS Distance then there would have been 15 races. Same applies if there had been enough dogs for another heat of either, or all of, the Waikato Classic, Cup or Maiden there could have been 16. 17 or 18 races. So no real difference anyway.

Whilst in previous years there was two licences granted but only 10 races were allowed on each licence to a maximum of 20 races in total.      

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thanks for the reply flabbergasted..........

i have since done a bit of digging myself and what i have been told is nzgra decided too run the other license at a different time of the season, but had the back up of running extra races under the 1st license i guess covering themselves if they could not fill the 20 races....

hopefully next year it can get back too normal as i'm sure most would agree this day has been one of the best promotional days for the code during the calendar year, no competition from the gallops very good turnover both domestically and internationally and a very good crowd with the trots being on also 

happy punting everybody 

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