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Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase Final @ Wentworth Park

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I was speaking to friends in Sydney last night who attended and they said it was a super night and that there was 4,000 in attandance, six bookies instead of the usual one or two.

This was despite a big storm which hit just prior to the first race dumping around 50mm in just 20 minutes and delayed the meeting by 40 minutes.

They said it was reminiscent of the 70's and 80's although back then there was 100 bookies but the TAB was much smaller and the lesser betting medium.

Also said there were around 100 or so antis protesting from across the road early in the evening who were espousing lies and false propaganda including ridiculous figures of up to 65,000 greyhounds being killed annually.    

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6 hours ago, GOM said:

The interesting thing for me was that 5 of the eight finalists were bitches

Not something you see everyday. That being said, the race was a great concept as it gave alot more people a chance to win it than your normal heats and final at Wenty. That being said, I was not and still not completely sold on the 1,000,000 dollar price tag for any race

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