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It's because they're run for TAB purposes under two different Jetbet codes, but listed on the GRNZ site as one meeting. There's always a delay before the last five races (the second meeting) are loaded on the GRNZ site correctly. That said, Monday results (including replays) really should be sorted before Wednesday's Hatrick meeting.

Whoever came up with the idea to split the meetings needs to be congratulated. Aussies can only bet into 12 races per meeting, so in an ordinary 15-race meeting the first 12 races would be commingled and the last three would be NZ-only. This means there's less turnover and less revenue for NZRB to dish out to the codes.

Splitting the meeting into a 10-race one and a 5-race one allows Aussies to bet into all 15 races, including three quaddies.

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