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Striking similarities , the climate scam and comrade cindys handling of the virus . (scientific advice from an echo chamber)

The climate debate is continually a one sided debate , any dissenting views are played down , stats altered , some media refuse to publish any information that challenges the climate theory and the claim 98% of scientists agree on climate change . NOT TRUE   

And here it is again , politicians only listening to what suits there political ideology and excluding alternative views which should be in the mix when making decisions .

A group of health experts who believe the Government's lockdown response has been too harsh say they feel censored, with the Government and even the media disinterested in any dissenting voices.They're concerned the Government is getting all its scientific advice from an echo chamber as it prepares to decide our immediate future on Monday.  

Dr Simon Thornley, a senior epidemiology lecturer at the University of Auckland, believes New Zealand should move to alert level 2 rapidly. 

"I believe that this has been an overreaction and that locking down New Zealand for too long is going to create more problems than we're going to solve," he tells Newshub.

"For most of us, in the general public, we'll actually do very well if we see the virus." But it's a view few have been willing to listen to. 

"I think there has been some censorship of alternate views throughout this period," Dr Thornley says.

Newshub emailed the Health Minister to ask if their decision to go into lockdown had been challenged by any of their health advisers - but got no official response. 


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greta must be feeling left out and overlooked , here's her latest publicity stunt .

 Teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg has sprung into action again, this time launching a fundraising campaign to help the children of the world survive Covid-19. .

Though the Covid-19 outbreak has largely spared the young, Thunberg nonetheless branded the pandemic a “child-rights crisis” in a statement announcing the new initiative on Wednesday, calling on people everywhere to “step up and join me in support of UNICEF’s vital work to save children’s lives.” 

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A changing world . Do you think comrade cindy will have a change of heart on banning oil and gas exploration in Taranaki ? .

Facing Economic Disaster, EU Declares Oil And Gas Are No Longer ‘Fossil Fuels’

Date: 03/05/20

As Europe faces economic catastrophe due to the shutdown of most of its businesses and industries, EU officials have decided to protect cheap oil and gas from green campaigners who are trying to shut down all industries that continue to use fossil fuels (Net Zero).

IT SEEMS  investors don't like this proposed change , many have bailed out of fossil fuels in favour of subsidised green energy , they stand to loose fortunes if the much cheaper oil and gas energy is here to stay .. 


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