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''The wheels are falling of this one , at the latest meeting in Bangkok the fighting over billions end in disarray .

Paris Climate Agreement ‘On The Brink’ As Western Governments Refuse To Transfer $100 Billion P.A.

  • Date: 09/09/18
  • AFP

UN climate talks in Bangkok have foundered over the key issue of how efforts to limit climate change are funded and how contributions are reported. Activists called out the European Union, Britain and Australia for falling into line with Washington’s position.

“Developed countries are going back on their word and refusing to agree clear rules governing climate finance,”

“If they remain stuck in their positions and fail to loosen their purses, this treaty may collapse.” . And this , ''The central concerns were how a promised $US100bn a year would be provided by developed countries from 2020 and how ''transparent'' developing countries should be in the actions they were taking.''

So this huge socialist scam is falling apart especially when an uncooperative climate won't do as the true believers want . The BBC is trying censorship to shut down debate . New BBC editorial policy on climate change states: “To achieve impartiality you do not need to include outright deniers of climate change in BBC coverage , that's desperate.

And another gem , Arctic sea ice is proving remarkably reluctant to enter its appointed ‘death throes’, despite the usual suspects having already planned the funeral , The latest observations show that Arctic sea ice is on course to have a greater minimum extent than in 2015 and 2016, and is running higher than levels seen a decade ago. Back then, the BBC reported that Arctic summers may be ice-free by 2013, although this estimate was described as being ‘too conservative’..

Now we in NZ have committed to pay $1billion a year to the climate fund , perhaps Cindy might have second thoughts, Nah it's a lefty religion and a very dangerous one.

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Leighton Smith slams the climate fraudsters

by CS


Leighton Smith has always been of the few out there calling out the fraud that is climate change. His recent column on the topic has led to Greg Presland at The Standard calling for him to be attacked for daring to have a different view, the commenters of course all pile in and plenty of them are demanding he be silenced. Such is the tolerant left.

The column they are ranting about isn’t even that long, In fact Greg Presland wrote more words against the column that are actually in it: Quote:.

The story in the news today about Wellington council discussing climate change.

This is a feel good group think little get together, as they are all are.

It is not a matter of if the climate is changing, it is a matter of what is causing it.

Is it natural? Is it within normal variability? Every indication tells us it is.

So what is causing it? Is it you or is it the cows? No, it’s not.

There is no evidence, only guess work and modelling, there is just no proof and they are far from it.

“Leighton every time I hear fake news on climate change I feel like screaming.”

Ian says how the hell do we let minority groups like the Greens have so much influence?

How can an average citizen like me push back on all this BS?

I live for the day we live can yell at the ‘man made’ climate change types I TOLD YOU SO!

We just have to keep beavering away, inform yourself, arm yourself and share your knowledge and you will find plenty of people won’t want to know.

Climate Change is another one of those topics being shoved down our throats by a rather small group of people who are amplified by the woke left and other assorted wombles like flea lawyer Greg Presland.

Not a single prediction  of these supposedly brilliant scientists has ever come true. Their modelling is flawed, perhaps even based on a fraud. The whole scam is a fraud on society.

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The anatomy of a failure

by WH 


How to make a right pillock of yourself:

Step 1: Believe the lie of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming; a.k.a. man-made climate change.

Step 2: Believe the lie that the Arctic (or Antarctic) sea ice will all melt in the summer.

Step 3: Convince a rent-a-mob of protest idiots to join you on an expedition to save the world and highlight the imminent something or other.

Step 4: Get a ship and set sail to show the world how serious it all is and that we only have 3 years, 8 months, 2 days and 37.8 minutes left to save the world.

Step 5:  Get stuck in the ice that is not supposed to be there according to your deeply held religious beliefs handed down to you by the High Priests of C.A.G.W; Al Gore, Micheal Mann, James Hansen, Lucy Lawless, Pope Francis, Prince Charles, Gavin Schmidt, Bill McKibben etc.

Step 6: Cost various countries an arm and a leg to rescue you and your crew of idiots.

The latest example was students from University of Rhode Island’s Inner Space Center who set off on a “research expedition” with a team of natural and social scientists, students, and a professional film crew. It was hailed as a ground-breaking opportunity is to research and aid the understanding of and/or document climate change effects.

Nek minnit …

Cpl. Serge Yelle of the RCMP detachment says he expects between 80 and 90 of the passengers will fly from the remote Arctic coastline community back to Yellowknife.  The Transportation Safety Board is considering whether it will send investigators to the site. A board spokesman says the ship has suffered some damage.

Sounds just like 2014 all over again.

Remember the #spiritofmawson expedition to Antarctica that had to be rescued at a cost of around $AUD 2.4 million?

The MV Akademik Shokalskiy, chartered by the University of NSW-associated Australasian Antarctic Expedition to retrace the steps of explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, became stuck in thick sea ice on Christmas Eve. The 52 passengers were rescued by the Aurora Australis on January 2.

In 2011, the British group claimed that they had rowed to the North Pole (because there was no ice) when in fact they dragged their boat across the ice to get to their claimed magnetic north pole destination.  The reality was that they were some 790 miles from the correct position of the magnetic north pole.

Fortunately, we can rely on the original Top Gear team to poke the borax at it all as they drove to the north pole in CO2 belching vehicles whilst drinking gin and tonic.  Emily Armistead, a speaker for Greenpeace, condemned the show as highly irresponsible given the impact that CO2 has on the Arctic.  Well, diddums!


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Rodney Hide says abandon the Paris Accord

by CS


Rodney Hide says that the climate change debate is now a busted flush and we should bail out of the Paris Accord. Quote:

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change announced with much hullabaloo in 2015 is now in total tatters.

The United States is out.

Not one European Union country is on track to meet agreed targets.

China, Russia and India are expanding coal production. Brazil could quit.

Last week’s jamboree in Bangkok failed to agree on draft rules to implement Paris. End quote:


It is a complete joke that will do nothing to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Quote:

Meanwhile, our government cites Paris to ban exploration and justify the crippling Carbon Zero Act.

Because of Paris, farming must be hobbled. Valuable land converted to trees. And every business and every household must pay more for everything.

All because of Paris.

Oh, and to lead the world. End quote:

Lead the world on the path to financial ruin? Quote:

The Productivity Commission’s foreword to its door-stopping, 620-page report on a “low emissions economy” expounds: “We cannot expect to influence others of the need to change if we cannot ourselves demonstrate the willingness and ability to play our part, to offer our assistance and to share the benefits of our experience.”

The report’s “overview” says: “Further, by achieving a successful transition to a low-emissions economy, New Zealand has an opportunity to influence others in pursuing a low emissions economy.”

The happy reality is that the rest of the world does not want to be led, do not care what New Zealand does, and are happy to mouth off platitudes while burning fossil fuels at an ever-increasing pace.

Consider the following thought experiment: New Zealand achieves its low-emissions economy at huge cost and trouble. Does that make it more likely that the US will re-sign Paris? That China will throttle back its industrialisation? That India will dial back coal production? That Russia will apply the brakes?

Of course not. End quote:

Nope, they will laugh as their own industries enjoy a competitive advantage over ours that are hamstrung by virtue-signalling legislation. Quote:

We would do better to learn from other countries. That means talking the talk. And doing precisely nothing. The planet won’t notice. Neither will the world.

That would leave us free to prosper unhampered and undistracted. End quote:

If only that would happen. With the muppets in power it won’t be anytime soon, and sadly not even with National who from the top down are true believers on climate change as well. Quote:

It’s a peculiarly Wellington thing, where high salaries are guaranteed, to want to lead the world on … policy. The rest of us are content to make the wage and PAYE bill for another month and for the All Blacks to win.

But then we are not on the international cocktail circuit anxious to have our PowerPoint scream, “Look What We Have Done!”

We should stand well back from Paris. And we should remind ourselves of what is going on. For the Green extremists, nothing except complete de-industrialisation including the end of modern farming will be enough. It’s a religious thing.

For politicians and civil servants, it’s power and budgets. They have long ago surrendered the argument. They lead now with ad hominem (“climate change denier”!), mad science (CO2 is a pollutant), and nonsense policy (the Zero Carbon Bill).

It’s glorious to have those pontificating about how we “deniers” don’t understand “The Science” declaring CO2 a pollutant while legislating for Zero Carbon. (NB: Carbon is the basis of all life. CO2 is plant food.) End quote:

Climate Change is a fraud, sooner or later the politicians will catch up with reality.

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Even the European champions of the climate scam aren't playing the game. 

Germany Is Razing A 12,000-Year-Old Forest To Make Way For A Coal Mine


Germany may have set laudable goals for its ambitious “Energiewende”—or shift to a low-carbon economy—but it is still struggling to free itself from fossil fuels, in particular electricity generated from coal’s dirtier cousin lignite. The last 200 acres of Hambach Forest in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia were a scene of battle between environmental activists and German energy company RWE, which owns the land and wants to clear it for mining. German police in riot gear arrived in force to evict activists from their treehouses. 

Yep a new lignite mine , the most polluting type of coal , that's the reality of what's happening all around the world . Currently  around the world there is about 1000 coal fired power stations being built . Will someone please tell Cindy her climate/ nuclear moment is a scam which is costing NZ a billion a year for the next 10 years .

I did email ACT to point out a huge political opportunity for them if they were to question what's actually happening around the world verses what country's say they are doing , 5% at the next election would be a breeze. No need to deny climate change , climate has always changed , just question the approach Cindy is taking .


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On 9/10/2018 at 10:23 PM, tripple alliance said:

Paris Climate Agreement ‘On The Brink’ As Western Governments Refuse To Transfer $100 Billion P.A.


I suspect the respective  Leaders are thinking twice about sending money to support the Global Climate change iniatives...

they probably figure... if America/China/India  aint paying why the hell should we  !!??

not to mention the Bull$8i7 behind the science... 


Aint it funny how President Trump made his presence felt world wide in respect to climate change!!

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China , the money makers .

'''Carbon emissions in the country, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, rose 4 per cent in the first quarter of this year, according to calculations by the environmental group based on Chinese government statistics covering coal, cement, oil and gas. If that pace continues it would be the fastest increase since 2011.

The latest finding comes as climate researchers express concern over rising emissions in China, which accounts for more than a quarter of global carbon dioxide output.''

Gotta hand to the Chinese , full steam ahead growing their wealth while NZ is committing financial suicide with it's carbon free ambitions . China is already a wealthier country than the USA , not per person but by combined wealth of the country . One things for sure Trump sees the danger that's why he's not being fooled by the Paris scam .

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Leviticus 18 :27-28

my understanding as to why climate changes albeit the earth has its destructive moments... is mostly based around this scripture..

and everything that the leviticus chapter 18 speaks of


Science merely measures the effects.. but understands not the cause

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I hope those arctic climate scientists haven't thrown away their thermal underwear , it's getting colder but the ice skating must be getting better .

Arctic ice is presently 266.000 km^2 more than in 2007, and 1 million km^2 more than the record setting 2012. Mid September we can see the long predicted collapse of Arctic ice is postponed for yet another year . 2018 is presently close to the 11 year average ice extent, 233k km2 more than 2016,  266k km2 more than 2007, and 1M km2 (a full Wadham!) more than the record setting 2012

So much for the arctic melting , Al Gore predicted it would be gone by 2013 ,  oops that's now 2016 , we are still waiting .

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Al Gore was mentored by a man who first ‘questioned’ The idea of what a potential of CO2 excess could do to our earth... in his later years he reneged on his earlier ‘theory ‘ in which time Al retorted by saying he was senile:rcf-sad-13: ...his carbon signature from his home residence is 5 times of most Americans :rcfe-laughing: joke

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25 minutes ago, rdytdy said:

More money poured down the toilet.



Donna Awatere Huata

Donna Awatere Huata has been appointed to a newly created position of … wait for it…

Māori Climate Commissioner

A brilliant choice , perfectly qualified for the position .

Donna Awatere Huata has been found guilty of defrauding a state-funded reading programme.

The jury of nine women and three men spent 12 hours deliberating before delivering its verdict in the Auckland District Court , She lost her $150,000 salary and a lifetime of perks .

''Donna Awatere Huata has been sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for fraud and perverting the course of justice.''


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Lesson time for cindy , it seems all's not well on the climate gravy train , surprize surprize she has just found out on her expedition that most of the world isn't playing by the socialist climate rules, o'dear all of a sudden the worlds not ready for  the socialist/Paris scam to be implemented . Who the hell is she listening to , what are her advisors telling her or is she just listening to the greens , anyone who follows this issue knows it's just a political power and money grab ,.

A little extra . The new chairman of NZ Windfarms says the company has reached a turning point where it must evaluate its future because of the unpredictability of wind power. Windfarms faced two formidable obstacles – it was unable to manage our revenue effectively, and was at the mercy of the elements.

“Wind flow is unpredictable. When the company first started operations, it assumed that it could achieve 160 gigawatts of production per year.

“This was later changed to 140 GWH and then to 130 GWH. Whilst we have occasionally operated at an annual rate close to this, it has never been achieved over a full year, so this year we again reduced it to 120 GWH, production we did not achieve this in 2018. 

This lot should have asked South Australia about windfarms before investing , wind and solar nearly bankrupted the state 


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The Ausses are waking up , 

Australia will freeze its level of funding for a Green Climate Fund that stalled after giving millions of dollars to replace cooking stoves in Bangladesh and sponsoring “gender responsive” drinking water projects in Ethiopia. The GCF was a critical part of the Paris Agreement but was suffering a “crisis of confidence” and unable to function. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Australia had given the fund $200 million between 2015 and 2018. And it would “consider possible further contributions” through the course of “replenishment negotiations”.

But Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said yesterday: “Australia will not be increasing our commitment.”

Its time we followed Trump and Australia , what we are contributing is complete madness , $1 BILLION a year for the next 10 years , treasury estimates it will be $14 BILLION over that period , how effen stupid are we , sure we need to put on a show for the sake of trade but $1 BILLION a year when Ausse is balking at $200 million over 3 years from a population 5 times bigger than ours. cindy , please stop this madness .


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‘Windfarm was at the mercy of the elements.’ Who knew?

by WH 

Isn’t it such a pain when economic reality jumps up and smacks you in the face?

Stuff reports that the new chairman of NZ Windfarms has discovered the unpredictability of wind power. Well – blow me down! Quote.

Stuart Bauld spoke of the options as he also announced a $14m loss due to Vector selling its 22 per cent shareholding meaning Windfarms lost millions of dollars in tax benefits under continuity of shareholding accounting rules.

Bould [sic] said the company can consistently produce a modest profit and a modest cash flow, but will never be a major player in the industry. […]

Windfarms faced two formidable obstacles – it was unable to manage its revenue effectively, and was at the mercy of the elements.

“We remain exposed to a completely unsatisfactory and poorly designed wholesale market where our own healthy production drives down our revenue by over supplying the market.

“Wind flow is unpredictable. When the company first started operations, it assumed that it could achieve 160 gigawatts of production per year.

“This was later changed to 140 GWH and then to 130 GWH. Whilst we have occasionally operated at an annual rate close to this, it has never been achieved over a full year, so this year we again reduced it to 120 GWH, production we did not achieve this in 2018. end quote.

I do love green technology promises! 160? No sweat.  Oh, OK, maybe 140.  No? Let’s predict 130. Oops, sorry shareholders – I think we will go for 120. Nope – did not make 120GWH either. 75% down on promised and still not achieved. Quote.

“The reality is that it is only by putting our plant at risk that we can achieve these higher numbers.”

There were only a few solutions, he said. One was to add an alternative fuel source, or enter the retail market. end quote.

Add an alternative fuel source?  Diesel-powered windfarms? Quote.

A significant infusion of cash was necessary but shareholders were unlikely to fondly view a request for more money when the company had so far failed to consistently produce a profit and returns for investors. […] end quote.

Yeah, shareholders can be odd that way …

Scotter, a commenter on the Stuff article, appears to know about these things and has done the maths and provided some interesting figures: Quote.

Well, this article pretty much says it all – the business case for windfarms relies completely on tax benefits (i.e. subsidies) and the grid operator (Transpower) taking all the power even if they don’t want it.
The Te Rere Hau wind farm has a name plate capacity of 48MW but 120GWhrs per year means its average output is only 13.6MW. This gives a capacity factor of 28% which is actually quite good! But compare this with Huntly on gas that can consistently do 953MW.
Te Rere Hau cost in excess of $140m to construct and was completed in 2011 and currently has maintenance costs of $5m per year. So cost per MW of actual output in 2011 was $10.3m/MW.
Huntly’s combined cycle gas turbine rated at 403MW was installed in 2007 for $520m or cost per MW of $1.29m/MW.
The new Te Mihi geothermal station at Taupo is rated at 166MW and cost $623m in 2014. i.e. cost of $3.8m/MW.
The Te Uku Wind Farm near Raglan has a nameplate capacity of 64MW so for capacity factor of 28% produces on average 18MW. It cost $200m to build in 2011 so cost of $11.1m/MW
• Windfarms cost 8 times as much to build as a gas turbine plant and provide unreliable output.
• Windfarms cost 3 times as much to build as a geothermal plant and provide unreliable output.
• To replace Huntly’s output with windfarms would cost $10.6 billion and it still wouldn’t be reliable.

But by 2030 when we have run out of gas and have 780,000 EV’s on the road (20% of the fleet according to the government’s target) we will need 1.5GW to charge the cars and another 1.0GW to replace Huntly. If this is to be provided by unreliable windfarms it will cost $27.5 billion.
At the moment we don’t have the money or any idea how this will actually be achieved!
Look forward to rolling blackouts in 3 or for years! End of quote.

Don’t worry. Megan Woods has it all under control. She said so in the house and so it must be true.

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It seems even the climate zealots are giving up .

EU Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete has given up on plans to officially raise the European Union’s 2030 climate target.

Contrary to what has been announced, Cañete has not submitted the proposal to the EU member states, the German Press Agency in Brussels has learned. The idea was met with opposition by, among others, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German industry. Other EU countries also rejected it. 

Ah but not cindy and the greens , we are still about to be lumbered with climate laws and the expense of paying for carbon free by 2050 which will never happen .

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Don't worry, I believe by November most of the population will realise they have been duped by the climate scam.

Some facts never Patrick Moore

For the last billion years the av earth temp has been 22 degrees.

The current av temp is 14.6 degrees....we are in a cold period!

The av earth temp has only increased 0.8 deg for the past 120 years nothing for the past 30.....miniscule.

Co2 makes up only 0.54% of the atmosphere and has no effect on temp.

Co2 is a plant food ....increased Co2 = more plants = more food...we die without carbon

More carbon is a good thing

Higher temp is a good thing  ...more species and plant growth

For the earth to return to the 22 degrees av would take millions of years.

Life forms decrease if the temp were to drop but we are safe for the next few thousand years whatever happens.

The $500 every Kiwi pays per year is a scam.

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Cindy out in the cold on climate

by WH 


Late to the party and, apparently, missing the boat, Ardern has been prattling the ‘controlling climate change’ line to a dwindling band of the faithful in New York.

Other world leaders seem to be recognising economic reality.  This from Lawrence Solomon in the Financial Post. Quote.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s repeal of the Green Energy Act and balks by premiers of other Canadian provinces at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate agenda aren’t rearguard moves by Donald Trump wannabes. They are part of a worldwide trend rejecting renewables, rejecting climate change alarmism, and embracing coal and other fossil fuels. Renewables and the high electricity rates they ushered in drove individuals into energy poverty and led industry to flee, putting the lie to the claim that wind and solar are the fuels of the future. Wind and solar, rather, have become the fossils of the energy industry; oil, gas and coal remain the fuels of the future.

China was once the poster boy of the renewable energy industry — just a few months ago Bloomberg stated, “China’s investment in renewables is leaving the rest of the world in its wake” thanks to its subsidy-driven growth. Now China has now begun to throw in the towel by cutting subsidies to renewables, an augur of the demise of investment in its renewables sector. With the cutting of subsidies to renewables in the EU, investment last year dropped to less than half of its peak six years earlier. Japan’s investment halved in just three years.

While China is pulling back from renewables, it’s plunging into coal. According to a BBC report this week, China is boosting its reliance on coal by 25 per cent through construction of hundreds of new coal-fired generating plants. Once completed, its incremental coal capacity will be equivalent to that of the entire U.S. coal fleet. Coal aside, China this year will become the world’s largest importer of natural gas, both via pipeline (up by over 20 per cent) and by ship (up over 50 per cent). It is already the world’s largest importer of coal and oil.

Germany, another renewable-energy poster child, is following the same unwinding, cutting subsidies to wind developers while upping gas imports and local coal. To extract that coal, Germany has decided to expand an existing open-pit coal mine, Europe’s largest, by subsidizing the razing of a 12,000-year-old forest. To round out Germany’s retreat from the demands of the country’s green lobby, it is relaxing regulations that would have required automakers to produce low-CO2-emitting vehicles.

Japan plans to remove its modest renewables subsidies while aggressively expanding fossil fuels — it is adding 40 coal stations to its existing 100. The U.K. is likewise turning from renewables, where investment is expected to decrease by 95 per cent by 2020, in favour of the development of the country’s immense shale-gas resources. And Australia is ending its renewables subsidy program altogether by 2020, giving its abundant coal resources a major lift.

The most consequential change of all, however, occurred in the United States, where the Democratic Party — adherents to the global warming orthodoxy — first lost control of the Congress and then the presidency to the Republicans under President Donald Trump, an outspoken critic of the global-warming lobby. When Trump abandoned the Paris climate accord in favour of coal and other carbon-based fuels, the world’s leaders rose up almost as one in outrage. Today, with the U.S. having revived its coal industry, having become the world’s largest oil producer and having propelled its once-moribund economic growth rates past the others, those world leaders are following America’s lead while falling silent on Paris. The once-powerful United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, formerly a fixture in the news, is defanged and forgotten, having lost its U.S. funding and its relevance. […]

The global-warming cause won’t be completely expunged, however, until its last man standing, heading the last politically correct government, leaves the field. That would be the world’s finest, if most retrograde, exemplar of the global warming orthodoxy: Canada’s own Justin Trudeau. [- and his ‘wife’ Jacinda Ardern] End of quote.

What is it about New Zealand politicians (of all colours)? They seem to love trying policies that have been tried and abandoned as failures elsewhere.

I despair for our nation’s future.  Wind does not deliver as promised, solar is okay when the sun shines (apart from the toxic panel disposal problems), the Gunts won’t allow more hydro, tidal has not worked anywhere yet, we can’t burn our plastic for energy, nuclear will never be a starter in New Zealand and Cindy’s Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP) has scuppered carbon-based energy.

As Buzz E Bee quipped to Wibble: When Ardern said it was our nuclear moment, it was actually a typo in her speech notes and she meant our ‘unclear’ moment.

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Worth a read .

According to the latest UAH satellite measurements,  global average lower tropospheric temperature has dropped  to levels that has made September the coolest in 10 years.

In fact, global temperatures are now below they were three years ago, i.e. before a very strong El Nino temporarily drove up global temperatures by 0.6 deg C at their peak in February 2016. Since then, they have dropped by even more (0.7 deg C) and nobody knows whether they may decline any further.

The ongoing downturn illustrates that repeated claims by the UK Met Office and other meteorological organisations that most of the rapid warming in 2015 and early 2016 was primarily due to CO2 emissions rather than a super-strong El Nino were spurious and ill-considered.

Even worse is the recent statement by Elena Manaenkova, the World Meteorological Organisation’s deputy secretary general. Commenting on the current IPCC meeting in South Korea, she claimed that “the sustained warming trend shows no sign of relenting.

In reality, the opposite is happening: global temperatures have been falling sharply since 2016 while the 21st century warming trend is half of what most climate models predicted, slowing rapidly.

The real question is whether or not global average temperature remains at current levels in coming years, i.e. levels we have seen for most of the 21st century, with the exception of two short-lived El Nino events (in 2009/10 and 2015/16). Time will tell.


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This is what the green future looks like

by WH 

Anticipated investments in new power plants, storage and electricity networks by 2031 in billion euros

Sit up and take notice James Shaw, Megan Woods and friends. This is the likely result of Cindy’s Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP).

In Germany, they called it the “Switch to the Future”  Energiewende. (Energy transition). If ruthless German efficiency cannot make the technology work then what hope does New Zealand have?

Germany has led the world (where have we heard that phrase recently?) and bullied the EU into climate change targets. They have set milestones and targets just like “Zero Carbon 2050” and it seems that it has not been a ripping success.  They had their ‘once in a generation’ solution, just like we are having Ardern’s generation’s “nuclear-free moment”.

This from the GWFP who translated the report from German. Quote.

Germany’s Federal Audit Office has accused the federal government of having largely failed to manage the transformation of Germany’s energy systems.

The expenditure for the ecological restructuring of the energy supply is in a “blatant disproportion to the hitherto poor yield”, said President of the Court of Audit Kay Scheller in Berlin: “The Federal Government is at risk to fail with its once in a generation project of the Energiewende”.


A little more than a year before Germany’s climate-policy “milestone 2020”, the auditing body has concluded a catastrophic assessment of the government’s energy policy. Germany would miss its targets for both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and primary energy consumption as well as for increasing energy productivity and the share of renewable energy in transport. At the same time, policy makers had burdened the nation with enormous costs.

“Over the past five years alone, at least 160 billion euros have been spent on the transformation of the energy system,” the report states: “If the costs of energy system transformation continue to rise and its targets continue to be missed, there is a risk of a loss of confidence in the ability of government action.”

As early as 2016, the Federal Audit Office had certified that the federal government had no overview of the costs of the energy system transformation. In the current report, the criticism is even harder because it suggests a general loss of control. End of quote.

Doesn’t this all sound too frighteningly familiar? Woods had no clues on costs when challenged in Parliament. Quote.

According to Federal Audit Office data, the Energiewende has cost around 34 billion euros in 2017 alone. In addition to the federal government’s expenditure of almost 8 billion euros, this also includes the burdens on end consumers, in particular due to the renewable energy levy (EEG). “The Federal Government, incidentally, does not have an overall grasp of the costs or any transparency in this respect.”

The wastage of resources to implement the Energiewende was “unprecedented”. Last year, the federal ministries and subordinate authorities employed around 675 full-time staff, 300 of them in the Federal Ministry of Economics alone, divided into 34 departments and four divisions. In addition, there are at least 45 committees at federal-state level dealing with the green energy transition. The effort being expended here is in itself almost contradictory to one of the main objectives of the energy system transformation: the economical and efficient use of scarce resources. […] End of quote.

I suggest that the CoL sets up a working group to ensure that New Zealand does not create a massive new bureaucracy like this.  Three or four fact-finding missions to Germany should be sufficient for this working group to establish the framework for a committee to oversee the formation of a commission to control this.  As someone interested in this area, I am available for the role of chairperson of the working group, the committee and commission when established. Quote.

The federal government rejected the assessment. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, headed by Peter Altmaier (CDU), responded in a rather surprising way: “The government considers the Energiewende to be “effectively and efficiently coordinated” and sees “no need for action”. However, the ministry did not address the fact that the Energiewende has largely missed its targets.

Astonishingly, the Federal Ministry of Economics also stated that the multi-billion levy under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) should not be counted as a costs of the green energy transition. Until now the EEG levy for subsidising renewable energy was always considered as the actual pillar of the Energiewende. According to the government, even the billions of euros in relief payments for the German industry to compensate for higher energy costs are “measures of industrial policy and not Energiewende measures, which thus cannot be attributed to the Energiewende”.

The Federal Government explained its refusal to conduct a transparent cost-benefit analysis of the Energiewende by saying that these costs could only be compared with a “counterfactual scenario”. Because electricity grids and power plants would have had to be renewed even without the Energiewende, only a comparison of a world with and a world without the Energiewende would be meaningful. However, such a comparison could not be made because of the large number of uncertain basic assumptions.

The Federal Audit Office, however, does not consider these replies to be tenable. “It is conspicuous that the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has not commented on the missed targets some of which are quite considerable,” the Federal Audit Office states. […]

Scheller said it was “regrettable” that Germany had lost its self-propagated international pioneering role: “Germany had made a strong start and is now doing comparatively poorly internationally.” The President of the Court of Audit referred to the ranking of the World Economic Forum: According to the ranking, Germany is no longer represented on the list of the ten most successful energy transition countries in Europe. Internationally, Germany occupies only the 16th place.

Overall, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is trying “to give the impression that the current coordination and control of the energy transition is essentially designed at optimal level,” the auditors conclude. “Failing that, the German and international public could get the impression that Germany is simply incapable of successfully shaping and implementing the Energiewende that is planned society-wide and for the long term.” End of quote.

With the current bunch in control it is pretty clear that a few years from now, analysts will be saying about New Zealand, “The public could get the impression that New Zealand is simply incapable of successfully shaping and implementing the Zero Carbon Act and the end of oil and gas exploration that was planned society-wide and for the long term.”

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From the the Paris scam .

This “approaching tsunami” of new coal plants is “wildly out of line” with the 2015 Paris climate agreement, reports The Guardian, quoting a report from the research group Coalswarm. But in no way should this be a surprise. It is just what China announced it intended to do at the time of Paris, when it said '''( it would be doubling its CO2 emissions by 2030.''' ) Official Chinese figures confirm that the country is well on target, having increased its emissions by 6.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2018 alone.

So cindy wants us carbon free by 2050 ,  what that really means is she wants  our lives dominated by climate ideology and under the thumb of some UN organization while China keeps on enriching itself , at least Trump knows this is a scam , he won't be eating with chopsticks , not so sure about us .

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1 hour ago, tripple alliance said:

From the the Paris scam .

This “approaching tsunami” of new coal plants is “wildly out of line” with the 2015 Paris climate agreement, reports The Guardian, quoting a report from the research group Coalswarm. But in no way should this be a surprise. It is just what China announced it intended to do at the time of Paris, when it said '''( it would be doubling its CO2 emissions by 2030.''' ) Official Chinese figures confirm that the country is well on target, having increased its emissions by 6.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2018 alone.

So cindy wants us carbon free by 2050 ,  what that really means is she wants  our lives dominated by climate ideology and under the thumb of some UN organization while China keeps on enriching itself , at least Trump knows this is a scam , he won't be eating with chopsticks , not so sure about us .

Ha ....Carbon free would kill all plant and life forms....more carbon in the atmosphere the better for the planet.

Jacinda might realise  the scam when shes gasping for her last breath.

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