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Good to see a fresh relaxed approach taken with the programme. Sheldon Murtha reappeared with Bruce Sherwin and Mick Guerin.

The "interview" with Peters and Saundry told us nothing we didn't already know, and John Allen was, unsurprisingly, absent...

Guerin did have some interesting views and information relating to the proposed outsourcing of the NZRB/TAB license to Australia.

Two offers are on the table apparently....$100m for 25 years. $4m a year....???!!

These include the Timetabling and Broadcasting rights....with returns guaranteed for 3 years only.....:o 

An independent valuation of NZRB is $2.1B according to Guerin....but no idea where that has come from.

Anyone who thinks this is a good idea or that the Aussies will prioritise our product over theirs has rocks in their heads.



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Some serious ignorance there though, what have clubs been doing sitting on cash reserves? Well they've been planning for the future but have been unable to do based on how they have been treated in the past , the appalling leadership/favouritism shown by the governing body , do any of these guys have any experience sitting on race club committees etc. If youre not on one of about 12-15 clubs in NZ you're club is mostly treated with disdain , most of those clubs outside that number are now on the to go list.

So over hearing how the industry can't support the infrastructure of all of these clubs when  a huge amount of them are self sustainable despite the disadvantageous environment they have to operate in.

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