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Novak Djokovic

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A great Wimbledon win by Djokovic ,on his day the best player in the World.

Now in the running to become the best player ever.....the one to take the GOAT mantle off the beautiful Roger Federer.

Some may say that the Wimbledon conditions....this year more of a bog like ,slower clay court grass surface....suited him but he did have to beat the King of Clay in a long zzzzzzzz behind the baseline slug fest...not pure tennis.

He does have the all round record ,he's had to win all his titles when RF and RN at their best also he's had to come back from injury and with 2 x kids now has balance in his life.

A true champion ....yes has thrown the odd racket etc....

The next GOAT !!!

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Great win by Novak......the best player in world !

But what sheer beauty from Roger....and nearly 38 years old.

Staggering  that the top 3 still dominate.

Amazing that Roger has rissoled Rafa 6 of last 7 matches !

GOAT Roger losing that ranking to Novak.

Who would have thought that after is form slump in recent times ?

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