Yir Tiz

**ONE DAY** Comp $400.00 in TAB Vouchers ENTRIES HERE Please!.

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14 minutes ago, Insider said:

Excellent result Yir Tiz. You are nothing less than a super star. 


Thanks must go to Scooby  for allowing me to split the $300 bet into 3 separate bets!!. Yes a good day and i am yet to find out if the bets were FF or tote as i forgot to state what i preferred but it does not really matter as i thing the odds ended up comparable. 

In order to support further comps i will make the figure up to a thousand and talk to scooby about what comps it can go toward..... so Rcer's can benefit. 

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14 minutes ago, scooby3051 said:

Yir Tiz they were on the TAB,so still a bloody good result. Many thanks for your continued support which will ensure Racecafe remains the Premier racing site in the country.

no drama where they were Scooby, as I said I was just happy to split the $300.

Happy to roll it over as I think Rcer's have enjoyed the comps with good substantial rewards. 

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