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John Clydesdale

Where to invest capital?

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8 hours ago, Gofta said:

There are many tracks which should go before Te Rapa.  Namely Avondale, Te Aroha, Thames, Te Awamutu, 

Ok now you stated that these track need to go. Now back you statement up with the reasons why. I will start Te Rapa has alot of meetings and yes on days where there are big races they manage to draw a crowd but look at Tuesday the stand was empty. I went towatch my horse one mid week day and there was only 2 people in the stand beside the 6 syndicate members i was with.  Te Aroha has alot of jumps races so if you canned that track who would take them not Te Rapa because dont want to have jumps races. Look at alll that money that was spent on the inside of the track at Te Rapa to have trials and how many trials have they had. There is far too much money being wasted on the select few elite clubs and therefor the smaller clubs and struggling because of this. 


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