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NZ Cup & Galaxy Thoughts

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Not to far away now, any thoughts or tips?

The Roberts team will be strong, like to see Panel Beater race and see how he goes on Addington.

I did notice out off all entries for Thursday only one North Island trainer. I do know that more coming from auto entry into the semi's.

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The three Fernando Bale dogs are very, very quick. Dirk is the fastest out of the boxes but the other two are stronger at the other end. Having said that, the Cup is usually won in the first 80 metres rather than the last.

However, they are inexperienced greyhounds and the rough and tumble of top-level racing may find one or two of them out.

I gather A Ablett has had a sore hip muscle but is expected to line up.

A Warrior and O Shackley are capable of anything under 30 sec on the night and that time will be required if conditions are favourable.

If Tom Tee can make it through to the final he will win.

Swimming Goat and Wheelchair Norm will be all the rage for the Galaxy but a 17.30 may be enough to take away the top prize. 

He (or she) who jumps, wins.

Take your pick and back it.

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