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On 01/10/2017 at 0:38 AM, scooby3051 said:

Ok I will run a comp on the Melbourne Cup with a twist.

You need to pick the Winner and second horse as well as the horse who finishes last.

One more twist is the comp will close on the Sunday before the Cup, so weather can maybe be a factor too.

Price is a $500 total win/place bet on a horse of the winners choosing over the last two days of the prize is $500 just so as no confusion.

Who is in for a bit of fun???

If any of you selections for 1st and 2nd are scratched then you go on to the race Fav....if your horse to run last is scratched you can replace it.

1 entry per Racecafe user however many different names you may have.

If nobody has the correct order then I will decide the closest to the correct order and if more than one person has them correct we will split it between however many there are.

My decision will be the only one that counts LOL.


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On 10/6/2017 at 1:27 AM, Flowin With The Breez said:

Please , One Entry


Winner : Almandin

Second Place /Runner Up :  Bonneval

Last Place :  Big Duke


scooby3051 , Thank You



Breezey you on a four day bender?

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