First Season Sire Predictions

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On 8/24/2017 at 11:12 AM, Tauhei Notts said:

Kirrama wrote about 17 new sires for 2017.  Go back thirty years there were 41 new sires in the 1987 breeding season.  Some of the luminaries (sarc) were  Half Century, Happy Melody, High Ice, Jigg's Alarm, Keitel, Lucky Ring, Minstrel Blues, Northerly Native, Pin Puller, Royal Loch, Shannon, Shifnal Prince, Silver Prospector, Space Appeal, Trubisc, Voyager, Wham, Young Runaway, Archimedes, Blazing Keel, Blue Razor, Concert Dancer, Conquistarose, Defecting Dancer,  Destroyer and  Exattic.

If you can recall all of them then your time is misspent.

Reading those names hardly any stick out.Were most flops ?

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1555B9D4-2C23-4586-83AF-96D0B12A3FBA.thumb.jpeg.761caad52e8c4ee67dd13dbff34f1231.jpegOk so there may be more but here is this upcoming 1st seasons sire list for 2018/19. So away we go...should be a good bunch ....

1st sacred falls - largely on opportunity.

2nd ghibellines - love his sire (could win it)

3rd charm spirit - enough on the board in UK 


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