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1 hour ago, Uriah Heap said:


Absolutely! Right at this minute I am waiting patiently in line, sleeve rolled up, waiting for Dr Bloomfield to call my name. It might take a while, but you'll hear no complaining from me, because I know those in charge have got it all under control. 🙂


Worked perfectly


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8 hours ago, Uriah Heap said:


Absolutely! Right at this minute I am waiting patiently in line, sleeve rolled up, waiting for Dr Bloomfield to call my name. It might take a while, but you'll hear no complaining from me, because I know those in charge have got it all under control. 🙂


Regardless of Pfizer Biontechs own literature? Your a little Bottler Heap, I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for you Brother 😔 You’ve got Balls joining in on one of the riskiest trials ever undertaken on a Population the Consequences of which won’t be known for years..people normally volunteer and get paid for taking similar risks...  this Modified RNA method has been trialled for  Ten years around Cancer with total failure... this is Risky Buisness

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The Art of Saying a Lot and Doing Nothing


By JC 

The Guardian has devoted its little corner reserved for New Zealand this week to a review of the government’s ‘Wellbeing Budget’ and how it has transformed the lives of so many New Zealanders. Or not. You can read the article here, but it got me thinking. What happened to the ‘wellbeing budget’? How come we don’t hear about it any more? What effect did it have on the lives of ordinary New Zealanders?

I was sceptical about the concept of a ‘wellbeing’ budget in 2019 when it was introduced. Sure, it sounds good, but if the government manages the economy successfully, most of the ‘wellbeing’ aspects of life are automatically improved. If unemployment is low, the tax take is greater and therefore health, education and all other state-provided services are well funded. We can produce all sorts of statistics, but to me, if the government looks after the economy, everything else looks after itself. It’s really that simple.

Nothing is simple with this government, however, and the only thing they have perfected is the art of spin. It sounded good to think that the government was interested in the wellbeing of its citizens, and no doubt their intentions were good, but like everything this government touches, the rhetoric is the only thing that works. How shall we measure wellbeing today, almost two years since the concept was introduced with much fanfare by Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson? Where do we start?


First, let’s talk about mental health. The government pledged $1.9 billion to improve mental health services, yet there has been a decline in services provided, with wait times longer for young people seeking help with mental health issues than ever. Add to that the highest youth suicide rate in the world, and no indication that overall suicide rates have decreased, and clearly, this is a fail for the government. But why did it fail when such a large chunk of money was allocated… and has barely been spent?

The reason is obvious. This government put together a plan (or formed a working group at great cost to put together a plan), allocated a chunk of cash… and that’s it. The implementation side was never considered. No one in this government actually knows how to make anything happen. To improve mental health services, there needed to be a recruitment programme, both here and overseas to bring in trained personnel. New clinics would have had to be set up, or new spaces in existing facilities where these people could work. GPs would have to be involved so that they could refer patients. Schools and universities needed to make space for mental health facilities and staff. Did any of this happen? It would seem not.

Next, let’s talk about housing. I do not blame this government entirely for the housing crisis, as it is the result of decades of inaction and red tape. But I do blame them for making promises they were never going to be able to keep. Anyone who had even the slightest connection with the construction sector in 2017 knew that the sector was already at full capacity, and building an extra 10,000 houses a year was never going to happen.


I’m sure they had the noblest of intentions. Remember Phil Twyford being very specific about the number of houses this government was going to build, citing an exact number and an exact timeframe? I am sure he believed his own spin, and I’m sure a lot of people, particularly those wanting to buy their first home, believed it too. According to my calculations on Twyford’s own numbers, we should have about 26,000 government-built new houses by now. The fact that we only have 732 is a terrible indictment of a government that can do nothing other than talk the talk. In the meantime, the waiting list for public housing is at all all-time high, homelessness is at an all-time high, and because demand exceeds supply, the cost of houses has, if you will excuse the pun, gone through the roof.

I do not blame them for the problem, but I blame them for being so hopeless that they have absolutely no idea how to fix it. How’s that ‘wellbeing’ concept working out when it comes to housing?

In the ‘Ready to Reset’ forum that Grant Robertson took part in (for a brief time), he told Australian and New Zealand accountants that the government had ‘solved’ the homelessness problem during the initial lockdowns and that now there is no one living on the street. He managed to make this sound like some kind of resounding success. All they have done, of course, is to move truckloads of people into motels and inner-city hotels, costing the taxpayer an eye-watering $4 billion per year.


That is not the only cost though. Glib comments from the ‘minister of homelessness’, Marama Davidson, about race-baiting do nothing to alter the fact that areas where there are a large number of temporary ‘homeless’, such as Rotorua and central Wellington, are now prone to increased crime and the locals find themselves unsafe in their own neighbourhoods.

The housing crisis is leading to a crisis in law and order. We are on the brink of serious social unrest. Violent crime in central Wellington has already increased by 35% in the last 5 years, and it is not race-baiting to say so.

Every possible statistic that measures government performance has gone in the wrong direction since the Wellbeing Budget of 2019. I may not blame the government for the origins of these problems, but I do blame them for promising big, being ‘elected’ on their promises and delivering nothing.

This is what you get when your prime minister has a communications degree, has never worked outside of politics, and most of her ministers are much the same. Politics, contrary to what Jacinda seems to think, is about more than optics. This is a government that, even though it had the best of intentions, will leave the country in a much worse state than they found it.

So much for wellbeing.

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More Kindness, Labour Breaks Another Promise



Jacinda Ardern promised us kindness. Instead, we get meanness.

Jacinda Ardern pledged that she would solve the housing crisis. It has only got worse. She also promised light rail to Mt Roskill by 2021. Instead we’ve got nothing. The promised delivery of 100,000 Kiwibuild homes has become a sad joke.

Now we find out that her promises on mental health are as hollow as all her other promises:


The Government is set to spend far less than it promised on mental health initiatives in its 2019 Budget.

A flagship new frontline mental health service intended to keep mild and moderate patients away from hospitals had only seen $67.4 million by March – less than half the $145.3m it was due to cost by July.

The Government and Ministry of Health said Covid-19 had slowed progress and that some contracts had been signed without money yet being spent.


Yet providers in the sector claim they are having serious issues getting through the procurement process.

The news comes as the Government faces serious pressure over mental health, after Stuff revealed that a routine mental health report was held up for months as officials argued over the removal of several statistics.


The real crisis the government faces now is a credibility crisis. They are big on slogans and short on delivery. They talk a good fight, but when it comes to duking it out, they are nowhere to be seen.


Labour was voted in on the promise of kindness, and all they’ve delivered is misery.

Misery for renters. Misery for first home buyers. Misery for motorists. Misery for gun owners. Misery for public transport advocates. Misery for the homeless. Misery for the tourism industry. Misery for Aucklanders. Misery for landlords. Misery for small business owners and misery for those on the frontline of a growing mental health crisis.

Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson have smashed the ankles of Kiwi voters.

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Mike's Minute: Is Ashley Bloomfield up to the job?


Here is how we end up in a mess. This is a case study.

We end the week understanding that the vaccine roll out is not going to plan, but then part of the lesson is that it was never going to.

The leaked paper showed us we are hundreds of thousands of jabs short of where we should have been. We also now know there are 300,000 doses waiting to be used, and under half the vaccinators are actually vaccinating. This too should not be a surprise, doesn’t make it right, but it shouldn’t be a surprise.

This is merely an extension of what has already played out over the last year.

To put it into a simple sentence, if it’s the Ministry of Health in charge of it, it'll be cocked up. From the very beginning of Covid, they have been found wanting.

From the PPE, to the flu jab last season, to the testing kits that weren't there, to the Measles export to the Islands and the ensuing fury, to the MIQ leaks, the appalling track and tracing that had us in lockdown, and not tracking and tracing as we should.

Sir Brian Roche and Heather Simpson spelt it out in their report released on the eve of Christmas so we wouldn’t notice. The review done just a week or so back into one of the last major lockdowns spelt it out. All the processes that weren't followed, the advice that wasn’t sought, it’s the same story every time.

And now the vaccine.

Here's the real problem, Ashley Bloomfield.

Because the Prime Minister didn’t have a clue what she was doing at the start of all this, she hooked into Bloomfield. It's what Labour governments do. Because they don’t come from business, the real world, or have any experience outside university or unions they rely heavily on wonks.

Bloomfield was Ardern's wonk.

Trouble was once we fell in love with Bloomfield, she couldn’t ditch him, she couldn't do what she really needed to do. Also, because she has no backbone and has never sacked a person.

So, the bumbling and stumbling began and hasn’t let up for over a year.

Bloomfield got beatified. He became the media influencer, the star of dance videos, friend of Jimmy Neesham, and charity rugby player. He made himself indispensable, at least politically.

So, the fact we sit here in April of 2021 unable to jab people, actually started as a problem in March of 2020.

By making the critical error to anoint a bloke who isn't up to much, nice and personable, but not up to much, we sunk ourselves.

Ardern having made the error is now trapped, so she's spent the year defending the indefensible.

It would have helped if Bloomfield was a David Clark type figure. Bit removed, bit arrogant, and not really liked. But he wasn’t, he turned out to be a good bloke.

But he's still hopeless. That is why we are where we are, it's why it won't change, and it’s the quintessential example of this simple truism.

If you cock it up on day one, and refuse to acknowledge the mistake, you never really recover.

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Im over these Pricks going on about so called Herd Immunity😆

When a Politician tells the flock these vaccines are safe and effective why would people believe them 😳

The potion is only being trialled as a therapeutic to reduce illness, you still carry and as a result spread so what exactly are they achieving? Touted as 95% efficious ( not effective) with a disease that doesn’t effect 95% of the populous 🤣  There are other therapeutics that are not experimental  out there, how exactly are they treating patients overseas and why are our Borders continually getting so called positive cases with ZERO disease.... surely someone has to die here of the most deadly contagious disease seen since a real pandemic in 1920 ... 50 million Dead . Insanity

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Can't blame Ardern for this but there is a  public notice being shown on our TV screens regarding the ratings of cars in accidents.The car they show has a one star rating and suffers major damage that would presumably leave people in the car dead or badly injured.

The odd thing is that the Govt department Waka Kotaki must have let them in because they are the Ministry of Transport.

Easy solution,don't let  vehicles with 1 star ratings in or is that too easy.

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I noticed on TV last night in England they have lifted lockdown and hordes of people were shoulder to shoulder in the street- most without masks and- hullooooo.........suddenly a big spike in Covid cases. They were never that close in lockdown. Can people not work out a simple equation?

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28 minutes ago, Blue said:

I noticed on TV last night in England they have lifted lockdown and hordes of people were shoulder to shoulder in the street- most without masks and- hullooooo.........suddenly a big spike in Covid cases. They were never that close in lockdown. Can people not work out a simple equation?

The answer to your question,re  last line is no

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Interesting article.....🤔

Thought crimes to become a thing in NZ

14 April 2021


As Kiwis, we all tend to think of our government as benign and having our (the citizens') best interests at heart.

Whilst this may be true in many cases, it looks increasingly as if the government is moving to give itself and its many agencies, the legal right to do things that are wildly open to abuse.

The first of these was the Criminal Proceeds (Recover) Act of 2009, a piece of legislation that allows the state to seize assets and cash from the public if they suspect that those assets/cash are the result of legal activity.

"What's wrong with that?" I hear many people ask and indeed, it does not seem right that criminals should be able to keep their ill-gotten gains does it?

Well the problem is that there is no burden for the state to prove that those are ill-gotten gains. Indeed, the person from who the booty is seized does not even have to be charged with a crime at all. The state can, at its own discretion, simply take all your worldly wealth and say "prove you didn't get this from illegal activities".

Of course you can spend a huge amount of your own money to prove your innocence... or can you? Let's remember, you don't have any money because the state has taken it on an alleged suspicion that it is the proceeds of crime. Even worse, because you have not been actually charged with a crime you do not have any access to legal aid.

Yep, you're screwed!

But of course this ability to simply strip someone of their assets would never be misused, would it?
Just like police would never fit up someone like Arthur Allan Thomas for a murder he didn't commit.

Nah, that'd never happen.

I have been told that there are instances where people have lost significant amounts of land to the state solely because cannabis plants were found on that property -- even though they were never charged with an offense. I say "I have been told" because I've not been presented with irrefutable evidence of this and want to be 100% fair and clear.

So that's the sort of legislation that I do not believe is fair, honest or reasonable. ANY legislation that gives the state this sort of power without the requirement to provide legal proof of guilt is a very nasty and undesirable law.

And guess what... it looks as if another, just as bad, is on the way in the form of proposed counter-terrorism lawsthat will, once again, not require agencies of the state to present any proof to a court before they act against members of the public.

The bill would allow for warrantless searches based solely on suspicion and without the need to convince a court.

Now you might think "hell, anything that reduces the risk of another incident like the mosque attack in Christchurch is a good thing right?" and that would be true... except that this bill would (IMHO) seem to be a significant erosion of our already dwindling rights as free citizens of a democratic nation.

Take this quote from the Stuff article:

A new definition somewhat broadens what a terror act is, describing it as carried out for “one or more purposes” that advance such causes, to induce “fear” – not terror – in a population.

The threshold of producing "fear" is a hell of a lot lower than that to produce "terror" and that increased power opens the door to significant abuse when in the hands of the wrong people.

Let's not remember how little time has really passed since anti-terror agencies of the government were found to be operating unlawfully on a long list of occasions including the surveilance and arrest of Kim Dotcom, the Urewera raids, the Nicky Hager case, etc., etc.

The reality is that NZ's security agencies have repeatedly proven that they can not be trusted to act in a way that does not constitute an abuse of power so should we really be lowering the threshold here by way of legislation?

This bill almost goes so far as to create a new swathe of "thought crimes" where simply thinking about doing something bad could see you in big trouble. Combine this with the massive wave of WOKEism that is flooding the nation and the world right now and it becomes a recipe for abusing the fundamental freedoms and rights of many NZers.

Of course this is just a bill at the moment but it behoves every intelligent Kiwi to make submissions against the state's attempts to further insert the wedge of government control of our lives and the ongoing diminishment of our most basic rights and freedoms.

Unless you'd prefer to live on your knees than die on your feet.

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5 hours ago, Blue said:

I noticed on TV last night in England they have lifted lockdown and hordes of people were shoulder to shoulder in the street- most without masks and- hullooooo.........suddenly a big spike in Covid cases. They were never that close in lockdown. Can people not work out a simple equation?

So what? Plenty of ‘COVID’ cases here, well they actually aren’t ‘COVID ‘ cases they are SARS Cov 2 cases and nobodies dropping dead..... HIV cases aplenty and where’s the AIDS .... don’t get the jab please the Racecafe ‘family (feud) 😆 is small enough as it is ... I saw that way overrated Mike G Baker get an award for puppetting the WHO the other day wearing a fabric mask which was deemed worthless by most experts  in the World and banned by France 🤣 Look at any event on TV and see people breaking protocols on using masks, if your foolish enough to wear them at least do it right 😆

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2 hours ago, Gruff said:

So what? Plenty of ‘COVID’ cases here, well they actually aren’t ‘COVID ‘ cases they are SARS Cov 2 cases and nobodies dropping dead..... HIV cases aplenty and where’s the AIDS .... don’t get the jab please the Racecafe ‘family (feud) 😆 is small enough as it is ... I saw that way overrated Mike G Baker get an award for puppetting the WHO the other day wearing a fabric mask which was deemed worthless by most experts  in the World and banned by France 🤣 Look at any event on TV and see people breaking protocols on using masks, if your foolish enough to wear them at least do it right 😆

Right Gruffy. Baker and that other “expert” Pinko Wiles ( NZ’r of the Year if you please ) are just Ardern puppets.
Just waiting for the Bloomfield knighthood next......😷

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2 hours ago, Ohokaman said:

A new definition somewhat broadens what a terror act is, describing it as carried out for “one or more purposes” that advance such causes, to induce “fear” – not terror – in a population.


Looks  to me under the new laws,the Govt, along with the fake news propaganda, need to be held  accountable, for instilling fear in the population by locking them down and using a fake PCR test (proven) to enforce their actions.

They just made their own noose.

Crimes against humanity.



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Dear Comrade Jacinda

Cui bono - to whose advantage is this happening?

Amy Brooke

Getty Images

There she goes, New Zealand’s Wonder Woman, striking a model’s pose on the cover of yet another women’s magazine, Thrive, dedicated to the wellness mantras Ardern herself spouts.  Its subtitle – ‘Care’ –  tells us ‘How Jacinda looks after herself (and us)’, the article gushing about the cup of tea Clarke Gayford,  the father of her daughter, brings her every morning; how he makes her breakfast if she is in a rush; sends her nice little texts and is always thinking about her.

A revelation in its portrayal of an apparently messianic ego, waited upon by her family, our saintly leader feels ‘such a responsibility to look after everyone that I sometimes wonder how it will feel when I know people are generally safe. I think it will be the closest thing that you could feel almost in a maternalistic way. I feel like (sic) it is my job to look after people’.

Well, no, Jacinda, it isn’t. And in light of the mess your first-term Labour coalition made of governing this country – regarded as one of the most incompetent governments New Zealand has suffered under in recent history – it is strange you seem unaware that it was largely Covid-19, with your almost daily exposure on our government-reliant, left-wing media, which returned you for another disastrous term.

For things are getting worse. As Steve Rotherham reports, some industrial plants are reportedly restricting output as electricity and gas prices surge. Commercial customers seeking new contracts face 75 per cent price hikes. The current rise in prices has New Zealand Steel, in spite of strong demand, now forced to limit production as gas supply shrinks, and electricity prices rise. New Zealand Steel Energy Manager, Alan Eyes, says today’s energy prices are unsustainable, as does the Tasman Pulp and Paper mill,  running at about 40 to 60 per cent of capacity in March,  now shutting down for several days at a time. Power prices are unsustainable, not just for these companies, but for the wider New Zealand economy. Others affected by tight gas supply and high electricity prices have mothballed production. Whakatane Mill will close its doors in June. In all cases, jobs and export income are being lost.


Ah, but around $250 million was spent on the America’s Cup, taken from taxpayers’ pockets – with more promised in future by the mother of the nation. Close to $1 million was spent by Tourism New Zealand on Rod Stewart, singing for America Cup fans, telling Clarke Gayford how gorgeous your smile is. That’s all right then.

But what about your government’s shocking oil and gas ban unfolding exactly as officials predicted with exploration plummeting, coal use skyrocketing (the Huntly power station is having to import more coal) and domestic power costs due to rise? Since 2018, 88,000 square kilometres of exploration permits have been relinquished and the Energy and Resources Minister, Megan Woods, is asking for reports on whether New Zealand will soon need to import liquefied natural gas, given that the 100,000 square kilometres permitted for exploration has plummeted to less than 20,000. Outside Taranaki, no exploration is happening any longer.

This is what you legislated for, isn’t it?  However, banning further exploration has meant New Zealand burned 800,000 tons of coal for electricity generation last year – four times the amount burnt before Labour was in government. It will all soon filter through to retail prices, your oil and gas ban turning out exactly as predicted. New Zealand has lost energy security. Families – the elderly – will pay more for electricity – all because you needed something to say at the UN climate summit in 2018?

Only the necessary constraints of a single page prevent detailing other highly damaging moves your government has made against the economic, social and mental health outcomes for this country. In spite of all your promises of providing housing, your government’s record is lamentable, prices sky-high. We are now mourning our children who came home, but plan to leave for where they have more chance of being able to afford their own homes. Communist-backed Chinese money is still interfering in the housing market, with reportedly 40,000 ‘ghost houses’, many owned by Chinese, lying empty on Auckland’s North Shore alone.

But then do you have an affinity with communist Chinese interests? Isn’t the question legitimate, given your refusal to align New Zealand with our important Australian neighbour and other democracies in making a stand against this tyrannical regime? After all, your mentor, left-wing former Prime Minister Helen Clark, over-saw demolishing the combat wing of our Air Force, and allowed tours by high-ranking military Chinese representatives.

Your government, in short, has been big on talk, useless on delivery – except for socially destructive legislation favouring the killing fields of abortion and euthanasia and pushing for legalising cannabis usage. New Zealand’s mental health crisis has increased, although you made mental health a central election issue in 2017. We have the highest rate of youth suicide in the developed world, with homelessness, poverty, and substance abuse contributing – as does probably your constant promotion of national divisiveness and separatism under the guise of ‘diversity’. While Denmark, for example, is cracking down on ‘parallel societies’, you are promoting them. You have handed millions of dollars to an activist part-Maori hierarchy who do not represent most even part-Maori New Zealanders – while knowing well the unfairness of preferential racial funding undermines our  hope of ‘We Are One People’ or, as Jamaica’s national motto has it, ‘Out Of Many, One People’.

I have long thought you simply historically uninformed, incompetent, manipulative and massively egotistical.  However, I have come to the reluctant conclusion you are very much part of the enemy within, that movement seeking to destroy a country by forcing separatism and divisiveneness on a cohesive people. Apparently, Comrade Jacinda (an address you formerly favoured) you may well be a communist. After all, communism’s aim is to undermine a country by stealth. Quite obviously you do not want our country to be unified. The spectre of New Zealand now having a communist leader seems to be materialising.

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The Darkening Clouds of Totalitarianism

By Dr Muriel Newman  


“Totalitarianism: form of government that theoretically permits no individual freedom and that seeks to subordinate all aspects of individual life to the authority of the state.”
– Encyclopaedia Britannica

Under Jacinda Ardern’s stewardship, New Zealand is becoming a totalitarian state.

Another giant leap down that path was announced last week in the form of a Cabinet paper outlining plans to criminalise free speech. But before we examine the detail, let’s remind ourselves of two other significant expansions of State authority that are already underway.

The first involves State control of the entire economy under the guise of ‘climate change’.

As a result of the Prime Minister imposing the harshest carbon restrictions in the world onto New Zealand, the Climate Commission is foreshadowing the need for central planning on a grand scale, if the country is to meet our obligations under the United Nations Paris Agreement.

But the question is, why is our Prime Minister sacrificing our economy and living standards, when most other countries are doing nothing? Surely it can’t just be to look good when standing before the United Nations – or can it?

Shouldn’t the PM be held accountable, not to the UN, but to New Zealanders, for the economic damage she is inflicting onto our country?

The second area of totalitarian control involves the undermining of democracy itself. The Ardern Government has already abolished our democratic right to prevent local councils from introducing Maori wards. Now they are replacing democracy with separatist rule.

According to their He Puapua report, the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will be enacted by 2040. To achieve that goal, our constitution will be replaced with one that elevates the Treaty of Waitangi into supreme law, Maori tikanga will replace the common law, and the country will be governed through a 50:50 Crown-Maori ‘partnership’. Under what will, in effect, be a tribal dictatorship, democracy will cease to exist.

It’s time to say “No”! To defend democracy and equal rights we have launched a “Declaration of Equality” – to find out more, please click HERE.

The Prime Minister is now embarking on an even more threatening assault on our freedom – this time on our freedom of speech.

New Zealanders’ right to free speech is enshrined in section 14 of the 1990 Bill of Rights Act: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.”

That freedom is limited by the 1993 Human Rights Act. Section 61 makes it a civil offence to express “threatening, abusive, or insulting” opinions that are likely “to excite hostility against or bring into contempt any group of persons… on the ground of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins.”

Under Section 131 intentionally inciting hostility is a criminal offence that can result in imprisonment of up to three months or a fine of up to $7,000. However, as a public safeguard, such prosecutions need the approval of the Attorney-General.

According to the Human Rights Commission New Zealanders’ right to make controversial or offensive remarks is not undermined by these laws – they only restrict those who are inciting serious ethnic tension or unrest: “Only where there is the potential for significant detriment to society can the right to freedom of expression be limited.”

While prosecutions have been rare, many other constraints on free speech also exist.

The regulators dealing with complaints about published material are the Broadcasting Standards Authority, the Advertising Standards Authority, and the New Zealand Press Council.

The Harmful Digital Communications Act covers complaints about texts, emails, social media, and website content, with offenders facing up to two years in prison or fines of up to $50,000.

Threats of physical violence or harm are covered by the Crimes Act. Section 307A stipulates that threats made against people or property that cause “significant disruption of the activities of the civilian population” are an offence with a penalty of up to seven years in prison.

In 2019, following the Christchurch tragedy, then Minister of Justice Andrew Little announced a review “to examine whether our laws properly balance the issues of freedom of speech and hate speech. The process should not be rushed, and I expect a report for public comment towards the end of the year… Protecting our crucially important right to freedom of speech, while testing whether the balance is right regarding ‘hate speech’, needs a robust public discussion from all quarters. This way we will ensure that all of our citizens’ rights are protected, and every person can express their humanity without fear.”

The promised public consultation never eventuated. Instead of an open and transparent process,  secret discussions were held with groups campaigning for harsher laws.

The Ministry of Justice chief executive Andrew Kibblewhite claimed hate speech was a “tricky thing” to navigate. They wanted to keep discussions “away from the political fray”, to prevent them being “derailed” and to “avoid protests”.

In the end, New Zealand First refused to support any restrictions of New Zealanders’ right to free speech. As a result, Labour promised a law change in their 2020 election manifesto: “Labour will extend legal protections for groups that experience hate speech, including for reasons of religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation, by ensuring that we prohibit speech that is likely to incite others to feel hostility or contempt towards these groups under the Human Rights Act.”

Their plan was to use the Human Rights Act to provide statutory protection to groups based not only on ‘race’, but on religion, gender, disability and sexual orientation as well.

Just after the election, the Royal Commission into the Christchurch shootings released its report including proposals to strengthen hate speech laws.

They recommended criminalising anyone deliberately inciting hostility by inserting section 131 of the Human Rights Act into the Crimes Act, increasing the penalties from three months in jail to at least two years, including ‘religion’ as a protected characteristic alongside ‘race’, and broadening the scope of ‘hate speech’ from an intent to ‘incite’ hostility to an intent to ‘stir’ it up.

But this week’s NZCPR Guest Contributor political commentator Chris Trotter is questioning the Government’s plan to enact Royal Commission recommendations to restrict our freedom, when nothing could have stopped the ‘lone wolf’ attack:

“Though bitterly contested by those firmly convinced that the Christchurch Mosque Shootings represent something more than the crime of a Lone Wolf terrorist, the Royal Commission’s finding that no state agency could have prevented Tarrant from carrying out his deadly intent – except by chance – is correct. He understood that, for his ‘mission’ to succeed, he must do nothing to draw the attention of the authorities – and, God help us all, he didn’t.

“Against such careful and pitiless premeditation, all the laws on our statute books are powerless. The state can punish Lone Wolves, but it cannot stop them. In attempting to minimise the terrorist threat, however, the state can eliminate our freedoms.”

Chris warns: “When Governments extend the state’s power to monitor their citizens’ ideas and activities, we should all be on our guard. Even when such extensions are introduced in response to a terrorist atrocity, we need to ask ourselves: would these new powers have prevented it?”

And that’s precisely what should be in our mind as we examine the proposed restrictions on free speech outlined by the new Minister of Justice Kris Faafoi in his Cabinet paper.

First of all, he wants all free speech breaches criminalised – not just the deliberate calls to incite hostility recommended by the Royal Commission, but the unintentional ones as well.

Second, he wants to adopt the Royal Commission’s proposal for the law to be widened to include an intent to “stir up” hatred.

Third, he wants the penalties strengthened from three months in jail to three years – even though the Royal Commission recommended two years – with fines increased from $7,000 to $50,000.

Fourth, while the Royal Commission recommended increasing the legal protection from groups based on ‘race’ to include ‘religion’ as well, the Minister wants it expanded to include “all groups listed under the prohibited grounds of discrimination in section 21 of the Human Rights Act”.

That means that under Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government, you will not only have to mind your Ps and Qs when it comes to discussing race and religion, but also sex, marital status, ethical belief, disability, age, political opinion, employment status, family status, and sexual orientation as well.

In fact, it seems the only group that will not be protected by Minister Faafoi’s new law will be white able-bodied working age males!

But it gets worse.

It appears the Ardern Government is planning on using these law changes to massively expand the concept of ‘incitement to discriminate’. The Minister explained his intention as follows: “Examples of inciting discrimination of a group include encouraging their exclusion or unfavourable treatment in the provision of goods and services, rental housing, or employment. In my view, as it is unlawful to discriminate against population groups, it should also be unlawful to incite others to discriminate against these groups.”

Landlords and employers should beware – if someone alleges unfavourable treatment it appears the Police may well come knocking!

Many other changes are proposed by Minister Faafoi, including some that are being withheld from the public. One in particular deals with the complaints process – paragraph 51 of the Cabinet paper ends with, “Groups spoken with also expressed their desire to address discrimination and hate speech in society more broadly than just through the incitement process”; but how that is to be put into effect in paragraph 52, is fully redacted.

With the chilling effect these proposed changes would have on society plain to see, and George Orwell’s warning, “If you control the language, you control the mind” ringing out loud and clear, is paragraph 52 proposing a new department of Thought Police?

In Jacinda Ardern’s totalitarian State, few New Zealanders will speak their mind for fear of a criminal prosecution. It will be a very ominous day for New Zealand when the Police are given the power to become the enforcement unit of politicians and activists against those expressing contrary opinions.

Through the imposition of State authority over the economy using carbon regulations, over democracy through separatist rule, and over free speech using hate speech laws, New Zealand is well on its way to becoming a shadow of the vibrant, free society that we all love.

Let’s be absolutely clear – these changes herald the most dramatic expansion of the influence of government in New Zealand’s history, and it’s happening at an extraordinary pace while Jacinda Ardern’s socialist government has a three year window of unbridled control. It is also happening with very limited scrutiny given the lack of independence in the media and a lack of transparency from the government itself.

While all of these changes are seismic, the threat to the freedom of expression is the most ominous. Free speech is essence of a free society. It is the very oxygen of a democracy and individuality. Free speech is how knowledge is developed and shared, and it remains the most effective bulwark against tyranny.

As the former Minister of Justice Andrew Little explained, “Protecting freedom of speech is vital to hold those in authority to account, challenge the socially and culturally dominant, and enable society to progress. Freedom of speech can give force to new ideas, but also cause discomfort and offence. It is usually the first right to be lost under oppressive regimes, and among the first to be restored, at least in name, after revolutionary change.”

With these proposals having been approved by Cabinet, it is clear that under Jacinda Ardern’s controlling regime, she is planning to not only take away our right to criticise others, but also our right to criticise her and her Party. Including ‘political opinion’ as a protected characteristic in hate speech laws puts New Zealand on a course to become the North Korea of Oceania.

The Darkening Clouds of Totalitarianism

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Govt Goes Full Throttle on Marxist Agenda

By JC 

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this government has decided it knows best in virtually every area of governance. It doesn’t matter whether it is health, education, transport, housing, foreign affairs, finance, justice, police, welfare, climate change or any other area; where they have had advice given to them, it is rarely taken. This term, without the Winston handbrake, they are taking full advantage of the opportunity the electorate has given them and are going full throttle on their Marxist agenda.

This is a government intent on controlling every aspect of our lives based on their ideology. It is an ideology typical of the left. It is one that increasingly does not allow for choice or free speech. It is one that comes down hard on law-abiding citizens but is soft on those who cause trouble in society. Kelvin Davis recommends a kapa haka competition to help put Maori offenders on the right path. Pathetic. It despises those who make a success of their lives while it is very happy to have two hundred thousand on either welfare or job seeker support. The two are in fact the same.

It is an ideology where taxpayers’ money is spent on projects that comply with it. On that basis, it appears a business case is not required. This is where you have policies of centralisation where supposedly one size fits all. It doesn’t of course but it makes control that much easier. They will go to extraordinary lengths to implement their ideology even if it means hurting their ability to achieve their goals. Threatening letters are sent to part-owned government businesses that infer that they should comply with government wishes or face greater government interference. In other words control.


The left politically is made up of two types of people with two contrasting types of DNA. There are those who like to control and those who like to be controlled. The controllers, in this case the Government, are hoping that the majority who like to be controlled will give them their vote. They know that the best way to garner votes is to play into voters’ hands. To achieve this they aim to make life as easy as possible and give them handouts rather than hand ups. Staying on the benefit is relatively easy. The job seeker scheme is implemented simply to make the numbers on welfare look better.

Centralisation of the health system is just a means to better control it. There won’t be better outcomes because different areas have different needs. All you will end up with is a million Sir Humphreys sitting at desks in Head Office and no increase in frontline staff. It reminds me of the Yes Minister episode where they opened a hospital with no patients but hundreds of staff employed to run it. Implementation of an apartheid health system with a Maori Health Authority is nothing more than a sop to Maori. Again, there won’t be better outcomes.

Education is going the same way with schools having to teach subjects based on the government’s ideology particularly in areas like NZ history and climate change. The government is quite happy with kids wagging school to protest about something on which they’ve been given only one side of the story. It’s pretty easy for the government in this area because most of the teachers support Marxist principles. All schools are under the government umbrella so no charter schools and no choice regarding the school your child attends.


Transport is a good example of wasting money to suit your ideology. A hundred million dollars into a slowcoach train and god knows how much into a tram up a straight piece of road where buses are already doing the job. Then there is the unlawful land grab at Ihumatao which again was a sop to Maori. According to ‘Dear Leader’, the government has done nothing wrong; presumably because in her view it’s part of their ideology. Housing and the debacle of Kiwibuild. Again, their ideology fails. Crime is on the increase because their ideology tells them it’s wrong to lock people up. Empty out the jails and side with the prisoners and not the prison officers.

On immigration and Covid it is: let in who ‘Dear Leader’ would like (the Wiggles) and penalise those who are desperate to see family. Tourism Minister Stuart Nash would like to determine the type of tourist who comes to our shores. In Foreign Affairs we have the embarrassment of a decorated Maori lady talking about taniwhas and dragons. Now it appears a taniwha controls our foreign and climate change policies. As a result New Zealand is now a global joke. Ardern was correctly described in the British House of Commons by MP Bob Seely “as a Prime Minister who virtue signals while crudely sucking up to China and backing out of the Five Eyes agreement which is appallingly, appallingly shortsighted.” He also described New Zealand as being in a hell of an ethical mess.

Their ideology, along with their incompetence, are the major reasons everything they touch turns to custard. Their problems are mounting and at an ever-increasing speed with the exception of slow train Te Huia. They are so wedded to their Marxist principles they are unable to see that they are the problem and not the solution. So wedded to them are they that they cannot see that elsewhere in the world where they have been tried the end result has been financial ruin. This is exactly the path we are on. More government control is the problem.  It is definitely not the answer.


A change of government is imperative in 2023.

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When is the media going to let the sheep know the shepherd isn’t on their side.




Labour traditionally enjoys an easier ride from the media, the reality is that those that gravitate to media jobs are typically left leaning.

There have been plenty of studies that show this is the case both in New Zealand and abroad. There are some that argue the direction a journo’s voting habits lie, doesn’t mean they are a left leaning commentator. This may be true to a certain degree. A professional will do their best to avoid letting their bias show. But at the end of the day, no matter how hard a wolf in sheep’s clothing will try to fit in the the flock, at some point he will let his true colours show.

The shepherd on the other hand is there only to stop the wolves eating the sheep, on the count that every sheep taken by the wolf is one less chop on the shepherds dinner plate.

Having learned at the young age of 26 that the media are only interested in telling the story that suits them. One must wonder when the professionalism and more importantly (to them anyway) the credibility of our leading political commentators, will finally catch up with them. Will the finally wake up and reclaim publicly, “hang on a minute, this is not democracy, this is anal sex.”

Barry Soper who typically lives life with a rosy red tinge through his lenses, has had a crack at Mallard for his rape claims recently, His better half has definitely woken up to the hubris and is doing her best to hold the labour muppets to account. But apart from a few obvious others, it seems that the rest of the media are still all too happy to let Labour get away with the most ludicrous policies and complete bullshit, that it is pathetic.

Not everyone is a political junkie and not everyone has a good understanding of how the media/politician dance works. The voters predominantly vote the way that the general vibe is, which is driven by the mainstream media. They will grab a social issue that is important to them and vote with who the media says is better for us all.

Look at all the articles on people living in cars pre the 2017 election. Back then the waiting list was 5000 for public housing. It is now over 20,000 and I doubt there were 15,000 families living in cars in 2017, but who knows.

Tova O’Brian is so far up Ardern’s arsehole that she can conduct interviews from within Ardern’s subconscious. She visibly salivates when the polls shows a clear advantage to labour. But this infatuation with our Prime Minister means she is just playing defence for the Governments mistakes. Rather than asking the hard questions, Tova knows how quickly she could be sent to the outer sphere to join Mike Hosking. Should she dare ask our propaganda machine Ardern a tricky question she will no longer be in the cool squad, so she sticks to playing henchmen to Ardern’s detractors.

We know she can be a mean girl, if you watch the way she enjoyed making Jamie-Lee Ross shit 25 colours of Twat in a live interview last year. She is more than capable of asking curly questions. But alas to those that dish out emergency media funds, those questions never make it to the larynx.

So the babbling brook of ineptitude that is the Labour ministers continue blundering their way through valley of announcements that end up as an allocation of funds that go no where. They are all fart as no shit gets done.

It’s now a fight between Ardern and Robertson as to who can grab the more centralised power and tyranny. The two most inept high ranking politicians we have ever had are clutching at more control in the capital than a run away South American military socialist leader with a truck load of cocaine and an ego the size of Grant Robertson’s boyfriends company car. All whilst a complicit media don’t dare ask a question that challenges the power hungry nature of the laws being smashed through parliament.

How would the media react if it was National who got found to have locked us down without legal grounds, or spent $30,000,000 tax payer dollars illegally. But Ardern just frowns, gives the concerned look at the wanting press in the gallery and says it needed to happen. The next day the headlines tell the masses its all in the name of kindness.

My child got the concerned look once. I couldn’t resist walking to school with our illustrious leader on one of her primary school visits. My daughter managed to run past Ardern and fall over and skin her knees right in front of the princess of kindness. Ardern walked on by as my daughter whaled in pain and give the concerned look before feigning distraction elsewhere and we parted company.

I didn’t really expect the Prime Minister to do anything, but the look reminded me of how a preying mantis must feel when he finally gets laid only to swiftly be eaten head first by his new girlfriend.

However, the good news is, surely the media can smell blood. Death by a thousand cuts is how I would say the current government is going. I think the single pillar of strength Ardern has, is the public’s belief she saved us from Covid. Its that final cut of the public realising it was not good governance that saved us from a mass Covid transmission, but purely the blessing of living in a small population over a large area.

To put things in prospective Japan is about 30% larger than New Zealand but it has a population 2,500% larger than our own. For Japan to have the same density of people as New Zealand per square kilometre it would need to be more than twice the size of India – remember the virus only travels so far on its own. It is the movement from one person to another, predominantly indoors, that spreads it. For once it appears our rubbish inept public transport saved us.

Its pretty hard to catch Covid in your car when you are travelling alone – even if you don’t wear a mask, in your car, alone, like the fucking morons I saw in the height of the Covid fear

Any way, surely it can only be a short amount of time before the media start to cry “the emperor has no clothes.” Then the sheep can wake up to the fact their freedom is diminishing like Nania Mahuta’s view of her toenails.

Maybe then we can stop the Tyranny. But with the likes of Tova O’Brian streaming live from the depths of Arderns colon, and the communications expert combined with b rate acting that Ardern has perfected. it may be a while before the sheep wake to the fact they are having their own wool sold to them at a premium.




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3 hours ago, rdytdy said:




the communications expert combined with b rate acting that Ardern has perfected.  




Ardern's gesticulating, grinning and hand waving puts her accompanying "signers"in the shade, but Toastmasters  experience has alerted me to such over the top acting being a distraction to hide the fact her message has no substance. As bad as Biden and like that senile old goat, when she finishes her written notes she throws to one of her poodles to answer questions. China doubled over laughing! Tragic.

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On 4/26/2021 at 7:53 PM, chevy86 said:

Ardern's gesticulating, grinning and hand waving puts her accompanying "signers"in the shade, but Toastmasters  experience has alerted me to such over the top acting being a distraction to hide the fact her message has no substance. As bad as Biden and like that senile old goat, when she finishes her written notes she throws to one of her poodles to answer questions. China doubled over laughing! Tragic.


So if Australia goes to war with China which side would Ardern take?

The answer should be obvious but it's not.

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27 minutes ago, 100 1 said:


So if Australia goes to war with China which side would Ardern take?

The answer should be obvious but it's not.

If Australia was serious about its opposition to some of China's actions,they would stop selling them minerals but money talks,everything else China has put the squeeze on Aussie but they still keep trucking in iron ore buy the tonnes,what's it gunna be,stop trading or support their regime?

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